For the Third Year Running, Neil Patrick Harris and His Adorable Family Win Halloween

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For the Third Year Running, Neil Patrick Harris and His Adorable Family Win Halloween

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | October 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Above is Neil Patrick Harris and family dressed in costume for a Halloween party this year. Below is Neil Patrick Harris and family dressed in costume on two previous years.



And here’s Neil Patrick Harris on two other occasions.


And this is why we will never beat Neil Patrick Harris at Halloween. Also, those adorable goddamn kids GROW UP SO FAST.

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  • e jerry powell

    But Halloween with Hedwig is always best.

  • clatie

    They are cute. But David Burtka is the father of another set of twins that he bailed on to be with NPH and I wonder how they feel to see their father parade around these kids. They older kids are in my community and are wonderful children. He has no presence in their lives. So, he is not my favorite.

  • e jerry powell

    David Burtka, not having been referenced directly, ain't exactly the subject of the post, so you're bringing in a black cloud uninvited.

  • RealismoMagico

    Still, clatie makes a good point. Absent fathers are not cute, no matter what efforts they make with their new partner and kids. He's half of that couple and one quarter of that family, so yes, this is about him too.

  • e jerry powell

    Dearest, if I had to base my life on everything ever published in Star Magazine (the source for the David Burtka story, the credibility of which Celebitchy questions even as it runs the quote), I'd be wearing nothing but aluminum foil all day, every day.

    So: the basic rule for investigative journalism (something that the Star has never been accused of) requires TWO (2) different sources that can be independently corroborated. This item? A single, unidentified source who made unsubstantiated allegations three years ago. Sniff test: FAIL. You couldn't even take that to family court (and interestingly enough, NO ONE HAS — at least, not anyone that the Star has reported on). Until two "somebodies" step up (and likely violate some non-disclosure agreements) to corroborate the statements — or a primary source, like Burtka or the aggrieved co-parent, speaks out — then there is nothing to discuss. Frankly, if anyone tried to haul Burtka into court (on whatever farcical grounds) spurred on by the Star piece, not only would it get thrown out of court, but I imagine that the judge would wad up the filings, cover them in Silly String, and launch the whole mess out of the courthouse with a super slingshot.

    You are choosing to condemn someone on the basis of what can only be categorized as a scurrilous rumor. You might as well be a member of the Tea Party. Or, at least in keeping with the Zeitgeist, a direct descendant of Abigail Williams.

    I stand by my original assessment. And then some.

  • TheReinaG

    Uh, are you doubting that Burtka has a previous set of twins? Because NPH acknowledged that in loads of interviews before..

  • e jerry powell


    I am not doubting the existence of those children either way. Maligning Burtka's character (which is exactly what the original comment and the interceding reply to me were) on the basis of unsubstantiated rumors is still unacceptable. As I mentioned, the "reportedly" aggrieved co-parent, after three years, has not had a word to say about it on the record.

    And IF there were an actual problem of that nature or any other with those older children, it would be between David and his ex until they chose to make it public knowledge and still wouldn't be germane to this post. The title, so, so very far up there at the top of the page, still reads: "For the Third Year Running, Neil Patrick Harris and His Adorable Family Win Halloween." Do you see any other names up there? I know I'm old, my eyes are going, and I may need my medications adjusted.

    Things that David Burtka's older children aren't:
    1) insignificant (as far as the accuracy of the allegations go)
    2) Neil Patrick Harris's (until such time as legal action -- such as Neil's and David's marriage -- confers some other status on them).

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I'm kinda jealous of his kids. Also, his husband reminds me of Roger Bart.

  • goddammitmrnoodle

    Does anyone else get an overwhelming sense that they let their freak flags FLY in the bedroom? As they should because that's hot. I know it's inappropriate considering these are family pics but look at them with the snake. C'mon, they have to have a love dungeon with all kinds of tackle. And mirrors. And cameras. And smoke machines. Rubber floors and walls.

    Anyone else? Or is that just my wishful/lustful thinking?

  • e jerry powell

    "Try everything. Resist nothing."

  • BWeaves

    Have fun in your bunk. Bring rubber sheets.

  • Jezzer

    This isn't a Neil Patrick Harris thing, it's a gay thing. We rule Halloween.

  • bonnie

    This is the kind of adorable family Modern Family's Cam and Mitchell only wish they could be.

  • Mrs. Julien

    For someone who clearly loves attention as much as Harris does, I'm surprised he doesn't look happier in photos. Or maybe he's just an exhausted parent.

  • sjfromsj

    I don't understand NPH's awkward smile in the family pictures. David and Harper LOVE LIFE. Gideon hates everyone.

  • chanohack

    Maybe that's just his natural smile, and the one we're used to is his practiced "actor" smile. (Why yes, I DO also have an awkward natural smile.)

  • Zen

    This is why I wish I'd had two daddies.

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