The Ten Best Performances by a Really Old Person

By Dustin Rowles | Seriously Random Lists | June 22, 2009 |

In the above 65 years old category, however, there's plenty of it. A lot of actors and actresses, in fact, have given their best performances in what should be their retirement years, while a few other classic actors gave one last great performance before leaving their handprints on Heaven's Walk of Fame. Here are the ten best performances from an actor or actress over the age of 65, noting that Ed Asner's Carl Fredrickson in Up may have taken top spot were it not for the fact that he were animated:

10. Richard Harris, Albus Dumbledore (71 Years Old) -- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

9. Michael Caine, Cutter (73 Years Old) -- The Prestige

8. Clint Eastwood, Walt Kowalski (78 Years Old) -- Gran Torino

7. Robert Duvall, Euliss Sonny Dewey (66 Years Old)-- The Apostle

6. Morgan Freeman, Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (67 Years Old) -- Million Dollar Baby

5. Paul Newman, Sully Sullivan (69 Years Old) -- Nobody's Fool

4. Jack Lemmon, Shelley Levine (67 Years Old) -- Glengarry Glen Ross

3. Jessica Tandy, Mrs. Daisy (80 Years Old) -- Driving Miss Daisy

2. Henry Fonda, Norman Thayer, Jr. (76 Years Old) -- On Golden Pond

1. Ruth Gordon, Maude (76 Years Old) -- Harold and Maude

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