115 Reasons Why We Love Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Part II

By Joanna Robinson | Seriously Random Lists | March 12, 2011 |

75. Slayerfest '98
Slayerfest '98.jpg

74. The Ghost Of What Exactly?
The Ghost Of What Exactly.jpg

73. Loan Sharks
Loan Sharks.jpg

72. The Class Protector
The Umbrella.gif

71. The Great Accents
The Good Accents.gif

70. The. . .Other Accents
The. . Other Accents.jpg

69. Latent Homosexuality
latent homosexuality.gif

68. Blatant Homosexuality (Willow Kissage!)
Willow Kissage.jpg

67. The Sunnydale High Library

66. The Classical Allusions

65. Mastering The Art Of The Single Entendre
Mastering The Art Of The Single Entendre.jpg

64. Hello Salty Goodness
Hello Salty Goodness.jpg

63. Blondie Bear
Blondie Bear.jpg

62. Beer Bad
Beer Bad.jpg

61. Fire Pretty

60. BBQ Fork Wounds
BBQ Fork? We Don't have a BBQ fork.jpg

59. The Softer Side Of Sears
The Softer Side Of Sears.jpg

58. The Subtle Sexual Metaphors
The Subtle Metaphors.jpg

57. The Other Sexual Metaphors
The Not-So Subtle Metaphors.jpg

56. The 90s
Outdated Technology .jpg

55. New Watcher? New Watcher
New Watcher? New Watcher.jpeg

54. The First Time The Show Broke Your Heart
Poor Jenny Caledndar.jpg

53. The Last Time The Show Broke Your Heart
Anya Death.gif

52. Who Is That Girl?

51. The Big Bads
The Fantastic Villians.jpg

50. The Big Mehs
The. . .Other Villains.jpg

49. The Dance You Do During The Opening Credits
Anya Dance.gif

48. The Accessories

47. Miniature. Golf.
I've got two words that are going to make all the pain go away. Miniature golf. .jpg

46. William The Bloody Annoying
Thumbnail image for spike.jpg

45. Billy The Idol
Billy Idol.jpg

44. The Dingoes Ate My Baby
The Dingoes Ate My Baby.jpg

43. The Episodes We'll Never Forget
The Episodes We'll Never Forget.jpg

42. The Ones We Wish We Could

41. That Time They Got The Mustard Out
That Time They Got The Mustard Out.gif

40. Miss Kitty Fantastico

39. Mr. Gordo

38. The Evil Willow That Made Us Laugh
Evil Willow .jpg

37. The Evil Willow That Made Us Cry
The Evil Willow We Don't Like.jpg

36. The Serious Ick Factor
The Serious Ick Factor.jpg

Part I: 115 - 76 || Part II: 75 - 36 || Part III: 35 - 1.

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