The 11 Crappiest Movies of Kate Beckinsale’s Career

By Agent Bedhead | Seriously Random Lists | January 18, 2012 |

Click: Admittedly, this is an easy call. How could Beckinsale's token Adam Sandler film not make the list?


Vacancy: A film about a snuff film about snuff films. What could possibly go wrong? Oh right.


Pearl Harbor: In the immortal words of Michael Bay, "BOOM!"


Serendipity: Somehow and even though Beckensale herself is English, she sounded like an American very badly impersonating an English person in this film.


Tiptoes: Not even worth the novelty of Gary Oldman playing a dwarf.


Underworld: Evolution: The other Underworld films obviously qualify, but this one was the absolute crappiest. Yes, I've seen them all so far because I'm a sucker for vampire flicks. Get it?


Van Helsing: I've given my opinions on this movie on many prior occasions. I hate it so bloody much.


Whiteout: Somehow, this case of a dead body in Antarctica generated no suspense. It's also difficult to suspend disbelief when Beckinsale has a shower scene in the midst of what is essentially a vast ice sheet. But hey, shower scene!


The Golden Bowl: This movie was so overacted and poorly scripted that it's amazing all of the characters had no idea what the others' motives really were.


Everybody's FIne: This movie was so goddamn depressing, not to mention yet another crappy Robert De Niro film.


Fragments: Like Crash, only I cared about the characters even less.


And a little unexpected bonus number for you...

Shooting Fish: Some might call this movie underrated, quirky, and/or charming. Obviously, I disagree.


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