10 TV Couples We Want to Go on Double Dates With (& 3 We Wouldn't)
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10 TV Couples We Want to Go on Double Dates With (& 3 We Wouldn't)

By Nadia Chaudhury | Seriously Random Lists | February 13, 2014 | Comments ()

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Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for drinking and eating, which is always more fun with another couple, to either be mushy or commiserate with. Here are some TV couples I’d love to go on double dates with, , and a few that would make me stop believing in love. (Warning: some spoilers up ahead.)

1. Eric & Tami Taylor, from Friday Night Lights
The perfect married couple. ‘Nuff said.
What we would do: Grab dinner from Ray’s Bar-B-Q, followed by dessert from the Alamo Freeze, then drink copious amounts of white wine at the Horseshoe Lounge.

2. Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes, from Gilmore Girls
She bugs him for coffee, and he builds her an ice skating rink. He’s the grump to her perk, the ideal balance
What we would do: Watch an awful movie at the Black, White, and Red Theater, followed by a meal at Luke’s where he’d whip up some burgers and fries for us, and a salad for himself. (What, you thought we’d go to Al’s Pancake World instead?)

3. April Ludgate & Andy Dwyer, from Parks & Recreation
With all due respect to Ben and Leslie, I’d rather hang out with April and Andy. Fun and wacky beats ambitious and geeky, especially if they bring Champion.
What we would do: Throw eggs at the Eagleton fence with Champion in tow, and then go to an impromptu Mouse Rat show at Paladino’s.

4. Boyd & Ava Crowder, from Justified
Outlaws in love who would do anything for the other, literally.
What we would do: Get our square dance on at a honky tonk deep in Harlan County.

5. Hoban (a.k.a. Wash) & Zoe Washburne, from Firefly
Even though she has Captain Mal in her life, Zoe’s affection of Wash is based on teasing and sarcasm, which is the truest form of love.
What we would do: Play laser tag (it’s kinda like fighting the Alliance) in New Dunsmuir, and end the day by amusing ourselves with with dinosaur figures.

6. David Fisher & Keith Charles, from Six Feet Under
The best, and most stable, couple on the show, though that’s not saying much…
What we would do: Hit the dance clubs after enjoying a home-cooked meal at the Fisher-Charles household (we’d offer to do the dishes).

7. Alicia Florrick & Will Gardner, from The Good Wife
The not-couple that’s hot and heavy, even in their current hatred of each other. It’s inevitable that they’ll get back together, and we’d like to be there for reunion.
What we would do: Tequila shots at a hotel bar, where they’d sneak off for a quickie.

8. Piper Chapman & Alex Vause, from Orange is the New Black
Jail changes people, and good(ish) girl Piper and wicked Alex bring out the somewhat best in each other.
What we would do: Dance party in the cafeteria then spend a few quality hours at the church.

9. Frank & Claire Underwood, from House of Cards
The extremely kempt power couple fascinates me, and frightens me just a little bit.
What we would do: Plot our government takeover during a state dinner in the White House while sharing cigarettes outside. Then, RIBS (though Claire, and my husband, might not join us…).

10. Blair Waldorf & Dan Humphrey, from Gossip Girl
I might be the rare (OK, only) Gossip Girl fan around here, but I really did love Blair and Dan together. Their cross-ocean Netflix dates were swoon-worthy.
What we would do: Grab espressos and spend the day wandering the halls of the Met, capped off with dinner in Brooklyn.

And here are three couples I would never ever ever ever ever go on a double date with:

1. Walter & Skyler White, from Breaking Bad
It would just be THAT dinner with Jesse.

2. Hannah Horvath & Adam Sackler, from Girls
Hannah would talk about the injustices of not being able to publish her book while Adam slumps in his seat. Maybe they could invite Ray?

3. Tobias & Lindsay Fünke, from Arrested Development
I’d just giggle nonstop over Tobias’ bad Freudian slips and Lindsay’s awful flirting with our waiter.

Nadia Chaudhury met Coach this weekend and can now die happy.

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  • kirbyjay

    Jackie and Hyde
    A couple of rounds in the circle and then off to The Hub for munchies, followed by a six pack or two on Mount Hump.
    JD and Turk
    Lunch in the hospital cafeteria, followed by a danceoff in the hallways. Turk wins, of course
    Kev and Vee
    Stopping by the Gallaghers for some government cheese sandwiches and mayhem followed by The Alibi for drinking.
    Burt and Virginia
    Shopping at Howdy's for burgers and beer, followed by a barbecue in the backyard with Jimmy, Sabrina, Maw Maw and Hope
    Jane and Brad
    Whatever Jane wants to do

  • Tequila shots at a hotel bar, where they’d sneak off for a quickie.

    My dream date.

  • TheFatling

    Fixed # 8 for you:

  • Sean

    Boyd and Ava #4? Are you our of your mind? They should be #1.

  • Please, please do not get me started on Lorelai and the lump of muscle who had never ever: gone anywhere/done anything/watched a movie/read a book/'got' Lorelai/given any evidence of possessing a sense of humor/.......ad infinitum.

  • Berry

    I rather like Luke and his misanthropic ways, but for some reason it always brings me joy when people bash male characters that are generally worshiped as favorites. Always. So much joy. Thank you for bringing me joy. (Now, the same does not at all apply to my favorite female characters. Seeing them bad-mouthed brings me misery.)

  • Oh yeah sure, misanthrope. What'd Luke have to be misanthropic about? He'd never been out of Stars Hollow except for that one time Lorelae took him to Martha's Vinyard where he made a complete and utter pathetic ass of himself. The writers could have at least given the character a former career in the military, or Merchant Marine, or some other former life in which the viewer understood that he had had some experiences, some knowledge of the outer world. As written, he didn't even start and develop his own business; he just sat there and inherited from his father. He never read a book except some pathetic self-help book on 'finding love' or some such. Anything interesting he ever did was only in connection to Lorelai. And then the secret daughter business and the lying, and the withholding, and the pouting...ughghghgh. I told ya'll not to get me started. Christopher. ~le sigh~ Now HE was suited to the dynamic Lorelae, her match, her soulmate who 'got' her in every way. He was everything Luke was not and had the broad shoulders to boot. /bitterness

  • Berry

    He did go travelling with the Ren Fair circuit that one time... And when he told Emily that the Romanov's probably had it coming, that was kind of funny, so he did make me laugh occasionally. But you got me on Martha's Vineyard. That was bad, as was the secret love child thing. Just no.

  • Caleb

    You can't hang out with Zoe and Wash. Wash is dead.

  • stella

    What about Jack and Kate from Lost? That would be just terrible.

  • stella

    But if I went on a double date with Taylors, Id be double dating with my tv parents.

  • AvaLehra

    Nine and Rose. Sign me up for a double date* with these two BAMFs. What? They weren't an actual couple couple, you say? Pssh! These two were more in love and committed to each other than many real couples I know.


    *Of course the problem with this double date would be that I'd spend the night shamelessly flirting with him.

  • THIS. Billie Piper rebooted the entire series on her smile and the way she looked at Nine.

  • Stephanie

    Al Swearengen and that Indian head he used to chat with.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Nick & Jess, Troy & Abed, and Mulder & Scully. Quadruple breakfast date.

  • AvaLehra

    YESSSSS! Mulder and Scully.

  • emilya

    thank you for making coach and mrs. coach number one. i feel like it validates my life choice of loving tami taylor unconditionally.

  • Michelle

    You know, I think I would actually be okay with the Hannah/Adam dinner. Mostly because my boyfriend and I love Adam (probably more than the other characters on the show combined).

  • Arran

    I'd like to think my wife and I could have an excellent sarcasm-off with Henry and Casey from Party Down.

  • bonnie

    I realize they're a non-couple, but I'd rather go out with Alicia and Cary. I think they'd be more fun. Or Alicia and Kalinda. Or just Kalinda.

  • stella

    Dan Humphrey? Ugh.

  • luvlee

    Brad and Jane!?

  • Nadia Chaudhury

    That is a really really big oversight on my part. How could I forget them?!?!

  • John W

    One I would avoid: Joffrey and Margaery....
    One I would go on: Tyrion and Shae the funny whore....
    One I would avoid: Buffy and Angel...
    One I would go on: Buffy and Spike (he seems like a fun guy)...
    One I would avoid: Sherlock and Watson (Elementary)...
    One I would go on Sherlock and Watson (Sherlock)....
    One I would definitely go on The Doctor and his current companion...

  • PerpetualIntern

    I'd be down for some kitten poker with Spike and Buffy and a bottle of whiskey.

  • meh

    Can I ask to go on a date with Ned and Catelyn? Just so they can get back together for a night? Or Robb and Talisa? *Sob*

  • stella

    What it it was Buffy and Puppet Angel?

  • BWeaves

    Actually, I'd go on a date with Spike and Puppet Angel.

  • emmalita

    You just want to get into his stuffing.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    That still makes it look like Portia di Rossi is morphing herself into Calista Flockhart. Weird.

    Maybe I'm alone in this...but I dont' remember ever actually going on a couples date. I think it might just be symptomatic of having different friends from my boyfriends...?

  • Berry

    No, but Kalinda. I'd much rather have drinks with Alicia and Kalinda. /broken record.

  • That's a strange way to spell Piper and Crazy Eyes. Chocolate and vanilla for life!

  • Yocean

    I respectfully disagree with your choice of Andy & April couple over Leslie & Ben. She would execute the most well orchestrated dinner date ever and as a geek myself, I would love a night of board gaming with some recreational beverage.

  • And waffles.

  • Cree83

    Hm, I don't know. Leslie's great at throwing things together professionally, but maybe not so much socially. Remember the house party where she wanted to impress Justin Theroux? April and Andy on the other hand, have always thrown kick ass shindigs. Great Halloween parties, awesome wedding.

  • I'd open my six foot long trunk full of games and Ben and I would be best friends. Am I saying I'd be the Anne Perkins to Ben's Leslie? Yes. Yes, I am.

  • bonnie

    Exactly. Leslie would not let any details be missed, and you know Ben would kill at Settlers of Catan.

  • grr arrgh

    I wonder how Ben would turn Cones of Dunshire into a drinking game.

  • Yocean

    VERY effectively

  • I've found a very effective way to turn any game into a drinking game, and I think Ben would approve. See, you sit down to the play the game, and you do so with a drink. Then whilst playing the game, you drink.

    With some minor modifications, this technique can also be used to create drinking games for movies and television shows.

  • grr arrgh

    I think Ben would stop approving if they invited everyone over for Cones of Dunshire because they would get bored and Andy would glue a cone to his head so he can be a unicorn and stab everyone with his horn.

  • dizzylucy

    I would totally go out with the Funkes. Especially if after dinner there was a Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution jam session. I keep perfect time.

  • grr arrgh

    Couple: Sherlock and John.
    Date: Dinner and a murder investigation.

  • Guest

    Can we do this?

    If so:

    Couple: Sherlock and Joan.
    Date: Dinner and any but a murder investigation.

  • grr arrgh

    I really want that crossover episode to exist now. Course it would just be each Sherlock one upping each other with their cases and each Watson comparing notes. "Does yours do that?" "YES. ALL THE TIME."

  • Guest

    I'm waiting for the Criminal Minds / Hannibal crossover. It be all the more reason for Mandy Patinkin to appear and it would further the Fullerverse.

  • foolsage

    I want a crossover where Watson dates Watson.

  • Guest

    But then he'd be cheating on Mary!

    Joan could also do so much better.

  • BWeaves

    Mary's a lying murderer.

  • foolsage

    Fair point. There are any number of ways that Mary might not be involved though (from death to time travel to divorce); I wasn't advocating changing the character into a cheater, to be clear. That's really not who John is.

  • TS

    I liked Gossip Girl too and agree with your pick. Blair and Dan were good together, even if only as friends.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Blair and Dan got together?! What the hell?

  • Guest

    So many Mad Men possiblities here but I'll stick to these two:

    Ken & Cynthia Cosgrove.


    Sterling and Lana.


    Clara and the Doctor.


    Ned & Chuck.


  • emmalita

    Sterling and Lana on a double date would end in a shoot out. Someone would die, probably me.

  • Guest

    Still worth it (not your dying).

  • grr arrgh

    I'm not sure if I'd go on a double date with Ned and Chuck because of the pie or how utterly adorable they are. Probably both.

  • Guest

    Aaron and Mahandra?

    As long as Jaye is my date.

  • Nadia Chaudhury

    They are the only sane couple on the show.

  • Guest


  • I'm thinking a double date with the Whites would go about as well as the one with the Schraders at Gardunos.

  • JoannaRobinson


  • OMFG, don't think that just because you come back it means we're all going to say nice things about you again. We'd lose our reputation for being cynical assholes.

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