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10 TV Couples We Want to Go on Double Dates With (& 3 We Wouldn't)

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | February 13, 2014 |

By Nadia Chaudhury | Lists | February 13, 2014 |

Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for drinking and eating, which is always more fun with another couple, to either be mushy or commiserate with. Here are some TV couples I’d love to go on double dates with, , and a few that would make me stop believing in love. (Warning: some spoilers up ahead.)

1. Eric & Tami Taylor, from Friday Night Lights
The perfect married couple. ‘Nuff said.
What we would do: Grab dinner from Ray’s Bar-B-Q, followed by dessert from the Alamo Freeze, then drink copious amounts of white wine at the Horseshoe Lounge.

2. Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes, from Gilmore Girls
She bugs him for coffee, and he builds her an ice skating rink. He’s the grump to her perk, the ideal balance
What we would do: Watch an awful movie at the Black, White, and Red Theater, followed by a meal at Luke’s where he’d whip up some burgers and fries for us, and a salad for himself. (What, you thought we’d go to Al’s Pancake World instead?)

3. April Ludgate & Andy Dwyer, from Parks & Recreation
With all due respect to Ben and Leslie, I’d rather hang out with April and Andy. Fun and wacky beats ambitious and geeky, especially if they bring Champion.
What we would do: Throw eggs at the Eagleton fence with Champion in tow, and then go to an impromptu Mouse Rat show at Paladino’s.

4. Boyd & Ava Crowder, from Justified
Outlaws in love who would do anything for the other, literally.
What we would do: Get our square dance on at a honky tonk deep in Harlan County.

5. Hoban (a.k.a. Wash) & Zoe Washburne, from Firefly
Even though she has Captain Mal in her life, Zoe’s affection of Wash is based on teasing and sarcasm, which is the truest form of love.
What we would do: Play laser tag (it’s kinda like fighting the Alliance) in New Dunsmuir, and end the day by amusing ourselves with with dinosaur figures.

6. David Fisher & Keith Charles, from Six Feet Under
The best, and most stable, couple on the show, though that’s not saying much…
What we would do: Hit the dance clubs after enjoying a home-cooked meal at the Fisher-Charles household (we’d offer to do the dishes).

7. Alicia Florrick & Will Gardner, from The Good Wife
The not-couple that’s hot and heavy, even in their current hatred of each other. It’s inevitable that they’ll get back together, and we’d like to be there for reunion.
What we would do: Tequila shots at a hotel bar, where they’d sneak off for a quickie.

8. Piper Chapman & Alex Vause, from Orange is the New Black
Jail changes people, and good(ish) girl Piper and wicked Alex bring out the somewhat best in each other.
What we would do: Dance party in the cafeteria then spend a few quality hours at the church.

9. Frank & Claire Underwood, from House of Cards
The extremely kempt power couple fascinates me, and frightens me just a little bit.
What we would do: Plot our government takeover during a state dinner in the White House while sharing cigarettes outside. Then, RIBS (though Claire, and my husband, might not join us…).

10. Blair Waldorf & Dan Humphrey, from Gossip Girl
I might be the rare (OK, only) Gossip Girl fan around here, but I really did love Blair and Dan together. Their cross-ocean Netflix dates were swoon-worthy.
What we would do: Grab espressos and spend the day wandering the halls of the Met, capped off with dinner in Brooklyn.

And here are three couples I would never ever ever ever ever go on a double date with:

1. Walter & Skyler White, from Breaking Bad
It would just be THAT dinner with Jesse.

2. Hannah Horvath & Adam Sackler, from Girls
Hannah would talk about the injustices of not being able to publish her book while Adam slumps in his seat. Maybe they could invite Ray?

3. Tobias & Lindsay Fünke, from Arrested Development
I’d just giggle nonstop over Tobias’ bad Freudian slips and Lindsay’s awful flirting with our waiter.

Nadia Chaudhury met Coach this weekend and can now die happy.