Here's an alphabetical listing of all our Serial:

'Serial' Could Get Real Resolution As Adnan Syed Goes Up For Appeal

'Serial' Discussion: Why Are We So Quick to Believe Adnan Syed Is Innocent?

'Serial' Ep. 10: The Troubling Parallel Between Adnan Syed, Ferguson, and Eric Garner

'Serial' Episode 2: How Much Do You Hate Bowe Bergdahl Now?

'Serial' Episode 6 Discussion: The Case Against Adnan Syed

'Serial' Episode 9 and the Moment I Began to Suspect Adnan Was Lying

'Serial' Episode 9: Why the Podcast Ultimately Won't Change the Outcome for Adnan Syed

'Serial' Season 2 Movies to a Bi-Weekly Format

'Serial' Season 2: Is Bowe Bergdahl a Deserter? Did He Go AWOL?

'The Mystery Show' May Be the Best New Podcast Since 'Serial'

8 Ways to Pass the Time Until 'Serial' Season 2

Adnan Syed Wins Appeal, Will Be Retried for Murder

Adnan Syed of Serial Granted Appeal

Adnan Syed's Family Speaks About the Effect the 'Serial' Podcast Has Had on Them

An Update for 'Serial' Fans from The Innocence Project

Best Buy Tries and Painfully Fails to Get In On the 'Serial' Game

Cecily Strong's 'Serial' Impression Will Give You Podcast Flashbacks

Did Adnan Syed Kill Hae Min Lee? 'Serial' Ep. 5 Discussion: It Doesn't Fit the Timeline

Did Adnan Syed Kill Hae Min Lee? The 'Serial' Finale Discussion

Ewan McGregor, Alison Brie, Brie Larson, Rashida Jones and Other Celebs Weigh in on 'Serial'

Facts and Connections You Didn't Know About Your Favorite NPR Personalities

Grab Your Sherlock Hat As 'Serial' Gets Ready to Dig Into Another Case

Hae Min Lee's Brother Understandably Has Issues with the Record-Breaking 'Serial' Podcast

Jay Wilds from 'The Serial' Podcast Speaks, Explains Inconsistencies in His Testimony

Jay from the 'Serial' Podcast Is Ready to Talk; Rabia Chaudry Not Happy with the Ending

Looking For a Way to Get Your 'Serial' Fix In the Long Weeks Between Episodes?

New Evidence May Help Overturn Adnan Syed's Conviction for the Murder of Hae Min Lee

Podcast Review: Let 'In The Dark' Fill The 'Serial' Void In Your Life

Season 2 of the 'Serial' Podcast Will Focus on Bowe Bergdahl

Serial Gets The Colbert Bump With Sarah Koenig Interview

Ten People in the Entertainment Industry We Should Be Worshipping More Than We Are Right Now

The 'Serial' TV Show Team Truly Believes It Will Make History. They May Not Be Wrong

The Best New Drama of the Fall Isn't On Television

The Latest on 'Serial,' Includes One Very Intriguing Piece of New Evidence

The Station Agents Ep. 85: Was This Week's 'Doctor Who' Good Moffat Or Bad Moffat?

What We've Learned About Adnan's Case From the New 'Serial' Season One Updates

Who Killed Hae Min Lee? Who the Hell Knows?

Will Adnan Syed Be Granted a New Trial?


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