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No One Involved Is Happy with the Way the 'Serial' Podcast Ended

By Dustin Rowles | Serial | December 26, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Serial | December 26, 2014 |

It’s been over a week since Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast ended, and there’s still plenty of interest in the murder case at the center of the podcast. It seems that no one involved is particularly happy with the way that the podcast ended, which — at least to me — suggests that Sarah Koenig was probably doing something right.

Rabia Chaudry, who brought the case Sarah Koenig in the first place, penned a op-ed in Time Magazine last week, signalling her unhappiness with the way that it turned out. She wasn’t unhappy with the way Sarah Koenig conducted the podcast; she was unhappy that Koenig failed to turn up a smoking gun that could exonerate Adnan Syed, and because of that, Chaudry felt “like a failure.” Nevertheless, while Chaudhry had wished that Koenig could’ve been a better advocate for Adnan, she was pleased with the way she successfully blew “wide open the idea of a fair criminal justice process.”

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, from out of the blue, Jay (who goes by Wild Slims on Facebook) posted on FB that he was ready to talk about the case.

He quickly deleted the post. Then added it again. Then took it down again. It was probably a butt dial, though. Twice. Hopefully, however, he will grant someone an interview and tell his side of the story on the record, though I suspect that Jay is also attempting to extract some money out of the situation.

According to Koenig in an interview with NPR, her ending may have fell short of what their boss Ira Glass had wanted, too.

I can’t remember when it was, but maybe after Episode 3 or 4 … I was having a meeting with Julie Snyder, the executive producer, and I think Dana [Chivvis], who is also a producer, and Ira Glass came in, who’s like, our boss, and Julie said, “Ira says he has some ideas about the ending.” We were like, “Oh! Great. Let’s hear it.” He came in and more or less said, “So I think it would be great if you guys, like, solved it.”

Thanks, Ira! I’m sure that was very helpful.

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