Netflix's 10 Most Popular Rentals of All Time Reveals White, Joyless Thirty-Something Subscriber Base

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 3, 2011 | Comments ()


Netflix has just released a list of the ten most rented movies in its history, ironically timed considering that the movie rental business will soon fall under the Quikster label. It’s not a very eclectic list of movies; in fact, it’s basically the top ten movies of all time as ranked by Stuff White People Like, and in the case of the top two, Stuff White People Like Because It Makes Them Feel Racially Conscious. The only reason The Help doesn’t top the list is because The Help hasn’t been released yet.

And yes: I love five through 10, as well. But that’s because I’m a joyless thirty-something white person. However, only one among the top ten fits among our Whitest Films of All Time list. Notable actors included: Leonardo DiCaprio (2), Sandra Bullock (2), Jack Nicholson (2), and Robert Downey, Jr. (2).

10. No Country for Old Men

9. Iron Man

8. Inception

7. Sherlock Holmes

6. The Departed

5. The Hurt Locker

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

3. The Bucket List

2. Crash

1. The Blind Side

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