All the 'Archer' Hook-Ups, Visualized

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 15, 2015 |


Regular viewers of Archer know that while it can be difficult to keep track of the revolving door of bad guys, it can be even trickier to keep track of the revolving door in Archer’s pants. Well, the good news is that David Lee, an urban planning PhD candidate at MIT has created an interactive network visualization of all Archer’s sexual encounters.

He’s up to the first episode of season 6, and fantastically complete (“Vacuum Cleaner” is on there, as well as Conway Stern for “accidental penis contact”) so it’s a great took to have if you’re the kind of person who regularly argues about which of Archer’s main cast hookups has the most sordid history. (Probably Pam.)

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