The 25 Highest Grossing Animated Films of All Time (Adjusted for Inflation)

By Dustin Rowles | Box Office Round-Ups | March 4, 2012 |

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax opened at the top of the box office this weekend with $70 million, which makes it the best opening of the year, the sixth highest debut for an animated film, and the second-highest debut for an animated film that's not a sequel (behind The Simpsons). It's also the third highes March opening ever, and the highest grossing opening weekend for a Dr. Seuss movie.

But it will probably never break the top 25 highest-grossing animated films of all time, once inflation is taken into account, although without any animated competition until late April, I do expect Lorax to come close.

Here are the 25 Highest Grossing Animated Films of All Time, adjusting for inflation.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ($853 million)
2. 101 Dalmatians ($782 million)
3. The Lion King ($697 million)
4. Fantasia ($650 million)
5. Jungle Book ($576 million)
6. Sleeping Beauty ($569 million)
7. Shrek 2 ($556 million)
8. Pinocchio ($527 million)
9. Bambi ($498 million)
10. Finding Nemo ($441 million)
11. Lady and the Tramp ($436 million)
12. Aladdin ($410 million)
13. Toy Story 3 ($408 million)
14. Toy Story 2 ($374 million
15. Shrek ($370 million)
16. Shrek the Third ($367 million)
17. Beauty and the Beast ($355 million)
18. Monsters Inc. ($353 million)
19. Toy Story ($343 million)
20. The Incredibles ($312 million)
21. Up ($307 million)
22. Who Framed Roger Rabbit ($298 million)
23. Cars ($291 million)
24. A Bug's Life ($267 million)
25. Tarzan ($263 million)


Project X, the other film to debut this weekend, also put up healthy numbers, with $20.7 million. As much as we'd like to consider the found-footage subgenre dead, it's the third straight found-footage film to debut over $20 million (although, Chronicle, unlike Project X and The Devil Inside actually deserved it).

Act of Valor came in third, and it's now up to $45 million, while Safe House, in fourth, is up to $107 million. However, still hanging on to the highest grossing film of the year so far (at least until Lorax surpasses it) is The Vow, now with $111 million. Meanwhile, The Artist, despite adding 800 theaters, only managed a $3.9 million bump from its Oscar win for Best Picture.

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