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Arkansas Judge Once Again Demonstrates the Power of Shame in Cases of Sexual Abuse

By Dustin Rowles | Z--Retired | May 11, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Z--Retired | May 11, 2016 |

An absolutely insane case is unfolding in Arkansas surrounding a district court judge by the name of O. Joseph Boeckmann Jr. In 2014, Judge Boeckmann was being investigated for a conflict of interest involving an elder care case, and that investigation led to something straight out of Law & Order: SVU. Authorities discovered 4,600 photos of naked men whose pictures were taken after being paddled or engaged in other sex acts.

Many of these men were defendants in his court, which mostly sees traffic violators and others charged with misdemeanors. According to the allegations detailed in the NYTimes, Joseph Boeckmann would order male defendants to come to his home with canned goods — ostensibly for charity — and he would ask them to bend over and pick up the canned goods. Joseph Boeckmann would take pictures of them from behind, saying that it was to prove they did their community service. Often they were spanked. At least one man was paid $300 to pose like Michelangelo’s statue of David.

This guy was basically using his position to force men to pose for pictures that he could get off on. Putting aside the fetish and the obvious abuse of authority, consider the fact that 4500 pictures of grown men were taken and no one told on him. No one said, “Hey! This judge just spanked my naked bottom because I ran a stop sign.” It took an investigation of an unrelated case to uncover all of this.

Now this is Arkansas, and not to stereotype, but I suspect the large majority were prideful men too ashamed to admit what had happened to them. They were too embarrassed to ask, “Is it inappropriate for a judge to spank me for breaking the speed limit?” How incredibly fucked up is a Judge who knows these men won’t report him because they could never admit that they let an old man spank them?

The judge has resigned. He is facing possible criminal charges. In spite of the 4500 photos and evidence that this conduct goes back 30 years and frequently involved juveniles, he admits no wrongdoing. He’s basically saying, “I’ve resigned and I’ve agreed not to seek another governmental office, now leave me alone.” I have a better idea: Bury him under a jail cell for the rest of his life.

Source: NYTimes

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