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Why Is 'McChicken' Trending on Twitter? You Don't Actually Want to Know

By Courtney Enlow | Social Media | August 28, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Social Media | August 28, 2016 |

When I saw “McChicken” on the Twitter trending list, I assumed it was some manner of promotional thing. Perhaps a VMA tie-in. Or one of those videos of pink sludge went viral again. Or maybe someone found, like, a cat in their sandwich, I don’t know.

So I clicked. Because working on the internet for years has taught me goddamn nothing.

This can’t be good.

Oh buddy.

Oh please god no.

But it can’t be, right?

Oh god. It’s exactly what we think, isn’t it.

Yeah. A guy fucked a McChicken.

Fuckin’ internet, man.

The video has been taken down because it violates YouTube’s nudity/chicken fucking policy, but if you really try, I bet you can find it. You shouldn’t. But that’s your journey. Because someone’s greasy McDonalds kink just got awakened. And that’s fine. Live your life. Go forth, McChickisexuals.

The internet is dark and full of chickens. Sigh. Who’s hungry?