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We Have a Theory What the Creature is in 'The Dobby Video'--and It's Not Harry Potter Related

By Kate Hudson | Social Media | June 10, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Social Media | June 10, 2019 |


Friends, Christmas has come early for people who like to watch videos of potentially supernatural, weird s*it on the internet.

Yes, I’m talking about “The Dobby Video” that surfaced over the weekend.

Watch it with the sound on.

Here it is, again, from the original source, just in case you missed it.

For those of you who won’t watch it, or for the rare slice of humanity that prefers it when I personally describe with words what’s happening on screen to you because that’s your kink, I’m happy to oblige.

Picture this. An unsuspecting house, in a quiet Colorado town. Across the street is a field, and to the kitty corner of said field, is a high school—which is providing the lights in the distance that look like an unmoving car. Note, these are all details you can glean from the original poster’s facebook thread.

You’re minding your own business, reviewing the footage from outside your house last night and all of a sudden, you see it. A weird, humanoid like creature that slaps its feet as it walk across your driveway. It kinda, sorta knows the chicken dance, which is surprising because that’s not what you’re expecting to see. It stops on your driveway and your tape ends. In the immortal words of Shaggy: GULP.


So, people are obviously making the joke that whatever it is, it looks like Dobby, the house elf, from the Harry Potter movies.


Yeah, it’s probably not—this is entirely within my area of interest, and dare I say, slight expertise, so obviously I went to the only other person I know who would be as intrigued about what this creature is, and what it’s doing. Yes, that’s right, I went to my friend Jason.

Now, look, I first saw this video a little drunk on a Saturday night, so I (typo filled) informed him that not only was a fae creature caught on camera, but I believed it to be a trickster, prideful fae, specifically: ” Not malicious. But will f*ck you up if you don’t pay prober respect.” (i’m leaving in the typo to give you a real slice of life look at our conversations, because it was midnight and again, I was drunk. Not too drunk to not want to talk fae, though.)

Jason, who is usually on the same page as me, was highly doubtful. Initially, he thought it was a “fetch,” which is part of the Irish fae tradition. A fetch was a fae that would masquerade as a human, and would usually be a harbinger of doom and death.

Friends…this damn thing practically did a chicken dance on the driveway. It walks derpy. It’s acting derpy. There’s no way it’s a bad sign of anything.

Additionally, this sighting took place in Colorado—as much as I love me some Irish folk tradition spanning the world, it was clear to me that we had to look at more home-grown, local options.

Now, without getting in to too much detail, because we’re weirdos who are very good at sussing things out on the internet, I can tell you we were able to locate the area this sighting took place and look at local legends in the area.

…and f*ck if I wasn’t right about some trickster spirits. One is even a mascot for a local museum, I s*it you not.

Friends, in many Native American traditions there is something called “the sacred clown” which is generally seen as a trickster spirit that serves a vital role in the community—they are the ones who point out that the emperor has no clothes, and some, specifically in the region where this video was taken, also have a role in fertility.

Additionally, the creature on that video looks a hell of a lot like a Heyoka, a specific type of sacred clown, don’t you think?

Here’s generally what they look like.


Ceramic Sacred Clown


Heyoka drawn done by Lakota Sioux Chief Black Hawk, in approximately 1880

Pale skin, and they have horns at the top of their heads. They behave differently than you’d expect someone to, which explains the silly walk, and the almost chicken-like dance it does by the car. You’d expect a creature skulking around in the dark to be creepy and ominous, and not, as my favorite tweet about the video says:

That’s classic trickster behavior right there, friends.

Jason, who started out as the Scully to my Mulder on this one was eventually won over to the trickster side, due largely in part to the anecdotal evidence we discovered once we dug more into the Colorado area and what the local legends are. Plus, he did agree the presence was more derpy than deathly.

So, well, there you have it. Dobby is probably, in fact, a sacred clown and not a house elf from Harry Potter.

Personally, I think this video is cool as s*it so I never entertained the idea that it could be fake. I’m sure some people will want to in the comments, which is your right, but…well, I hope if you ever capture something on tape like this, you’ll be believed if you share it with the world.



Image sources (in order of posting): Vivian Gomez Facebook, BFS Man/Flickr, Black Hawk Wikipedia