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The Madness and the Gonzo Creativity of Simpsons S**tposting

By Petr Knava | Social Media | July 23, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Social Media | July 23, 2019 |


I live and breathe classic Simpsons. Aside from the Lord of the Rings movies that is probably the property I quote more than anything else. I remember one time I was walking along with a friend, when something prompted me to quote one of the early lines from one of my absolutely favourite episodes, Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood, from the unbelievably sublime fifth season. I forget which line exactly it was, but I suspect it might have been Bart’s lament at being kicked out of the arcade: ‘Oh, man, how are we supposed to kill the rest of the afternoon?’ My friend then quoted the follow-up, from the homeless man outside the arcade: ‘You mustn’t kill time, boys, you must cherish it. Seize the day! … Can I have some change to go get loaded?’ What happened next is I quoted the follow-up to that—Homer appreciating his reading material/peanut packaging—and then I sort of blacked out. I came to about ten minutes later, my consciousness and sense of place spreading through my body, and I stopped walking. My friend stopped a pace later, laughing. I had apparently just gone into a fugue state of quoting line after line after line of over half the episode while walking along in a trance, before finally tripping up somewhere and jerking out of it.

A helluva lot of my friends are just the same level of ridiculous The Simpsons nerdery. And it’s funny when you surround yourself with people so deeply immersed in the matrix of a particular bit of pop culture. It’s almost as if reality itself begins to be defined a little bit by your lens. Although that’s a post for another time. Mostly I want to remark upon how because of the limited amount of material there is to work with—golden era Simpsons spanning, at a generous reading, about 8 seasons in total—you eat up any original take on the source. Like, for example, all those steamed hams memes. Yeah, there’s a lot of chaff, but some great stuff has been thrown up by the hordes of memers applying themselves to this fount of goodness.

My new favourite resource for mad, ingenious remixing of The Simpsons gold? The ‘Simpsons S**tposting’ subreddit. So because happiness is only real when shared, I present here for your perusal and your duddy, lemony, steamed hammy pleasure, the link, and below are some truly wonderful, gonzo highlights:

Oh ye gods, my banquet’s ruined!! But what if … from r/simpsonsshitposting
The kids can call you BoBurns! from r/simpsonsshitposting
Unlike you snowflakes, I don’t get “triggered” from r/simpsonsshitposting
Meta from r/simpsonsshitposting
I really like the vest from r/simpsonsshitposting
Whats going on in there from r/simpsonsshitposting
Just do what the boy says from r/simpsonsshitposting
Dental Plan! Lisa Needs Lemons! from r/simpsonsshitposting
ZZZZZZZAP! from r/simpsonsshitposting
Whoops from r/simpsonsshitposting
This is indeed a disturbing universe from r/simpsonsshitposting
Season 1 Smithers drives like this. from r/simpsonsshitposting
Hey, Burnsie, I don’t wanna alarm you, but this was one swell shindig! Thank you very much! from r/simpsonsshitposting
Wait a minute… from r/simpsonsshitposting
Ye Gods! from r/simpsonsshitposting
Roys from r/simpsonsshitposting
Please complete the captcha below. Sorry, try again. from r/simpsonsshitposting
Localized entirely within your lecture hall? from r/simpsonsshitposting
This has been in my camera roll a while. from r/simpsonsshitposting
The average r/simpsonsshitposting subscriber from r/simpsonsshitposting
GIVE EM ONE OF THESE from r/simpsonsshitposting
I told you to watch out from r/simpsonsshitposting
The only way to get dud out of your hair from r/simpsonsshitposting
Maximum Dud from r/simpsonsshitposting

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

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