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Hard Rock Nick : Will You Be My Valentine?

By Kate Hudson | Social Media | February 14, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Social Media | February 14, 2019 |


It’s Valentine’s Day, everyone. And yes, I’m single because Chris Evans refuses to return my calls, and John Cusack has turned out to be really f-ing intense Bernie Bro on Twitter so even Con Air can’t get him out of it, this time. Oh well, not to worry, because Hard Rock Nick is single too, so I still have a shot at real love.

Who is Hard Rock Nick, you might ask? (Clearly you’ve not been keeping up with Pajiba Love if that’s the case, because we’ve mentioned him here before.)

Hard Rock Nick is a modern day lothario. A Prince without a princess. A man above men, frozen in time, waiting for true love’s drunken Four Lokos induced donkey punch to finally land in his nads and in his heart.

He’s also “mega rich” (by his own, unverified admission) and sometimes has his facial beard cut into a bastardized Union Jack. Also, he has a YouTube channel and called ladies c*nts, because he’s a catch, ok?!?!?!

Why won’t we ladies just let him be great?!

Look, I’m 34 years old, have an elderly cat, and a very real room in my home entirely devoted to dolls because I don’t like to sleep alone in the dark. To say people are beating down the door to get a shot with me would be an almost criminal understatement. Yet it all feels empty somehow.

I now know what’s been missing in my life all this time is Hard Rock Nick.

…his taste in pizza is lacking, though.

So Nick, if you’re out there and are willing to take a chance on love on a woman whose debt is more than her credit score…I’m here…

Header Image Source: Hard Rock Nick Instagram