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"Parks and Recreation: Road Trip" -- A Web Series I Would Watch Until the End of Time ... And Because Of Love

By Seth Freilich | Videos | November 4, 2011 |

By Seth Freilich | Videos | November 4, 2011 |

Dustin gave last night’s “Parks & Recreation” an A- and I think that’s right; it was a solid episode that did what the show does best, bringing lots of laughs while servicing the characters and progressing, or at least visiting, their ongoing emotional threads. One of the plotline, and the highlight of the episode, really, involved Andy’s bucket list, culminating in Andy and April’s heartwarming arrival at the face-less Grand Canyon (“Where’s all the faces? The presidents?”).

When I saw the scene of them at the Canyon at the end, I thought to myself it was pretty funny that the show would incur the time and money expense for a half-minute shot. Seems they had the same thought too, and decided to use the opportunity to bang out a web series following Andy and April on their little road trip. There are enough good laughs here that it’s worth your time and, in any event, it would be worth your time even if there were no laughs because god damn it are Andy and April adorable.

Also, they’re fucking brilliant because why on god’s green earth hasn’t anyone setup a water slide at the Grand Canyon?

Episode 1: The Spider

Episode 2: Four Corners

Episode 3: Calling Leslie

Episode 4: Building A Home

Behind the Scenes

Parks and Recreation: Road Trip. Grade: B+

  • “And we’re driving there because I always wanted to go there. And because of love.” Andy
  • “Who are these people who don’t live here?” — Andy
  • Andy: “What’s AAA say?”
    April: “They said to set the car on fire.”