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Lindsey Graham Insulting Trump Is Too Little, Too Late

By Emily Cutler | Videos | March 24, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Videos | March 24, 2016 |

Hello, The Daily Show, my old friend. I’ve come to gape unknowingly again at the widening chasm between us.

It’s been a while since I’ve regularly watched The Daily Show. Roughly 5 months and 3 weeks or so. I’ve got my reasons. But I do like to catch up every once in a while when TDS does something awesome. The internet is telling me that last night’s episode did some awesome things.

I know I should be delighted at Lindsey Graham begrudgingly complimenting Trump. Because ridiculing Trump is how we’re supposed to handle him. The general public is supposed to mock him as the clown he is. But the people in charge of the party which Trump will soon be representing? You’re supposed to be doing a better fucking job.

Hey, Linds? Trump is your goddamn monster, remember?

Yeah. What’s that whole saying about walking like a duck and talking like a duck? Oh, that’s right: your party has been actively cultivating the most racist, xenophobic, regressive belief system you could possibly muster for decades, and now it’s biting you in the ass.

In fact that only part of the show that actually felt awesome in some way was Graham being a shameless opportunist.

Now, sure, he openly acknowledges that he’s only supporting Cruz because Cruz is slightly less bad than Trump, and that ideally, he’d support Kasich for his platform. But Kasich has no chance so Graham has to pick the candidate who he joked about being murdered because god knows you can’t stand by your beliefs. People have somehow lost faith in the political system just because high ranking members of one of the two national parties blatantly admits that his political choices are a moral compromise intent on keeping his party in power. Because what the general public wants now more than anything is a politician who is willing to retract his neck in order to save the status quo.

But, hey, at least he made fun of Trump’s hair, right?

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