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Diapers Vs. Super Delegates: It's A 'Full Frontal' Face Off!

By Emily Chambers | Videos | April 12, 2016 |

By Emily Chambers | Videos | April 12, 2016 |

After only being in our lives for a few short months, I was already going through Bee Withdrawal during Full Frontal ’s two-week break. And now that she’s back, I’m ODing a bit. Should I post the video on super delegates or on diapers? What’s even the theme of the show here? How did anybody decide that those two topics have anything in common? Then, through Bee’s grace, I realized, the answer is: It’s only acceptable to shit on one of the them.

And with that terrible joke, it was decided. We will have both videos.

First up, the super delegates. So now when you have long conversations about the role they’ll play in the upcoming convention, you’ll actually know what the hell you’re talking about.

Oh, good! People are calling private citizens at home to harass them about a decision they haven’t actually made yet! Hey, Various Assholes Who Thought Calling A Super Delegate Was A Good Idea? You just became a political Jehovah’s Witness. You’re not giving them any new information, you’re not opening their eyes to the “truth.” You’re being a petty little dick who thinks your perceived rights are more important than someone’s actual, real life right to privacy. Being liberal doesn’t mean it’s not doxing. Knock it the fuck off.

But moving on to a less repellent topic: Things that babies shit into.

So just so I have this straight: saying “I shouldn’t be pregnant right now, I wish there were something I could do about this” makes you a horrible, sinful bastard who will burn in the fiery flames of hell for all eternity. But saying “Well that child that you birthed and who is now a fully formed human being with a personality and rights was a mistake who you never should have had” is personal responsibility?

So maybe the videos feature more than one thing that’s full of shit.

Emily Chambers is a Staff Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow her retweeting other people on Twitter.

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