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Larry Hemsworth, Jason's Notes, And More Easter Eggs From 'The Good Place' Chapter 29!

By Dan Hamamura | TV | October 5, 2018 |

By Dan Hamamura | TV | October 5, 2018 |


Welcome! Everything is [expletive deleted].

But since this went so fine great bonzer last week, let us, for a few brief minutes at least, enjoy some of the easter eggs and jokes that may have slipped by in this week’s episode of The Good Place!

Reminder: Lots of inadvertent spoilers below. Ready? Let’s go!

The Cowboy Skyscraper Cafe

Lots of fun here, but my personal favorite is the perfect McDonald’s-style play area slide on the left.

“Mount Rushmore”

I’m not sure there’s a unifying theme on this one. What am I missing?

Montana Luminaries

All the most famous people associated with Montana: Dana Carvey and the Unabomber. I can’t officially tell who’s on the motorcycle, but context suggests it would be Evel Knievel.

The Back of the “Brainy Bunch” Sweatshirts

Fun Fact: Every “…all I got was this lousy [article of clothing]” joke is terrible!
BONUS Fun Fact: This one (purposely, I assume) doesn’t even get the joke construction right, making it extra terrible!

Seriously, Trevor is the worst.

Jason’s Notebook

What does that say? I think we need to ROTATE AND ENHANCE.


“History of Philosophy” becomes History of Phil & Sophie. Oh Jason. Never change. HIDDEN JOKE OF THE NIGHT.

Aus Weekly

Another one where pretty much every joke hits, but secret, loser Larry Hemsworth is particularly special - made even moreso when you notice in the credits that actor Ben Lawson (who is Australian, and who you’ve definitely seen in something before, probably) GOT A GUEST STAR CREDIT FOR THAT.

All the Things Michael and Janet Caused

According to Gen, Michael and Janet’s meddling caused all sorts of strange things like:
-The Surprising Success of The Greatest Showman
-Byron Allen Buying The Weather Channel
-And of course, the Jaguars making the playoffs (caveat: Blake Bortles is still just “kind of okay”, which is about right)

Ugly Nick’s Meat Trench Confirmed!

This one makes me happy, since last week’s Ugly Nick’s reference was pretty buried. Glad we got visual confirmation!

We Learned The Doorman’s Name

Luckily, we got another week of Mike O’Malley’s The Doorman, and in the final line of the episode, we got to learn his name…

…it’s Jeff. Or Geoff. Jef? I don’t know, we didn’t get to see it written down.

Oh crap, we’re already at the end, and I forgot to talk about the episode! Did you guys enjoy it? Did I miss any hidden jokes? Did NBC accidentally spoil something with a promo again? And seriously, how much did Ben Lawson get paid to appear on that magazine?

(Check out more Easter Eggs (and more Larry Hemsworth) from the latest episode of The Good Place, “Snowplow.”)

Header Image Source: NBC