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'Veronica Mars': Logan Echolls is the Worst

By Kate Hudson | TV | July 20, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | July 20, 2019 |


Friends, as we all binge Veronica Mars this weekend I’m asking you a favor. I’d like you to remember that whatever happens in season 4, Logan Echolls is the f*cking worst.


Some of you might “ship” Veronica and Logan (LoVe, as they were called back in the day, and maybe they are still called that? I don’t know.) but I’d like to remind you of some of the poppycock he pulled over the course of the show. Even though he’s grown up (now), and this is a TV show (presumably), it still doesn’t make any of it OK. Veronica Mars has always had a Logan problem, and I kind of hate them for it. Mainly because it one hundred percent bought into the narrative that teenage boys can do morally repugnant things, and still turn out to be decent men—and sure, sometimes that can happen. More often than not though, underneath someone’s s*tty exterior is not a heart of gold, but just a s*tty person.


For instance. LoVe has come a long way—at the beginning of season 1, Logan sadistically and methodically bullies Veronica for the flimsiest of reasons, but it’s OK, because he’s mourning for his dead girlfriend, Lilly Kane. He’s also the a-hole, who when he found Veronica Mars passed out from being roofied, arranged for he and his boys to do body shots off her body. Isn’t that cute? Let’s also not forget that he thought it was OK to roofie his own best friend, Duncan Kane, at the same party, in order to get him to loosen up—he was, after all, the guy supplying all the roofies at the party, directly leading to Veronica’s rape. Finally, there’s the fight club he ran, where he pitted homeless men against each other and had them brutally beat each. You know, typical teenage shenanigans.

Friends, this is just season 1.

By season 2, Veronica Mars realized the chemistry between Logan and Veronica, and walked back some of his more sadistic tendencies in order to make him a palatable love interest for Veronica. JK. He burned down a public pool complex because he wanted to stick it to the poorer residents of Neptune. This is also the season where he dates Hannah (remember her?) initially as a way to mess with Hannah’s father, because he is a witness to the murder that Logan is accused of. Yes, friends, he may have been innocent of that crime, but had he not been drunk on a bridge looking to fight, Logan Echolls never would have been accused of murder in the first place.


Finally, in season 3, Logan breaks up with Veronica because she refuses to stop pursuing the identity of a campus serial rapist. Not an ounce of empathy or understanding was given to Veronica, who was raped herself (with the drugs Logan supplied, no less.) Nope, it was Logan’s way or else. In retrospect, I’m not sure why we all hated Piz so much, goofy haircut aside.

Which leads us to season 4, where we’re supposed to ignore all of his past indiscretions, and root for them as a couple…


This is just a brief overview of the s*it he’s pulled over the years. I realize that Logan in the Veronica Mars movie, as well as season 4 (at least, what I’ve seen so far. I’ve only watched the first episode) is a different Logan than the one we saw in seasons 1-3. I don’t care. This cultural narrative around white male teenagers, specifically, makes my blood boil. That they, above all others, should be allowed to learn and grow from their crimes (you know, the stuff they inflict on everyone else.) It’s why people like Brock Turner get a free pass when they rape.

I love Veronica Mars, but like I said, it’s always had a Logan Echolls problem.

Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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