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The Worst Super Bowl Commercial Was Rated Far Worse Than the Other 61 Ads

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 3, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 3, 2020 |


Every year, USA Today conducts a survey of television commercials in a live poll during the telecast to come up with a ranking for all the Super Bowl commercials. The five best commercials are probably not that surprising. Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day commercial took the top spot, followed by the Smaht Pahk commercial from Hyandai, the tearjerker Google commercial, The Cool Ranch Doritos ads with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot, and my personal favorite, the Jason Momoa ad for Rocket Mortgage.

That all tracks. There were a couple of ads that had already been played out by the time the Super Bowl rolled around (Mr. Peanut, the Alexa commercial), and if you had too much to drink and weren’t paying all that much attention, seeing Charlie Day pop up periodically all night might have been disorienting (“Did I just eat a Tide pod?”) In the crowd that I was with, I only remember everyone stopping to listen to maybe four or five of the commercials, including the Smaht Park ad, the Google ad (which elicited tears during a party), the Groundhog Day ad, the NFL 100 ad (#6) and that fantastic Microsoft ad (#9).

You’re not here for the best ads, though. You’re here for the worst. For some reason, the Winona ad for Squarespace was the fifth-worst, followed by the ad for Quibi, a new streaming service for your phone only, which I think people are already rejecting. The second worst ad of the night was the ad for the Pop-Tarts pretzel starring Jonathan Van Ness, because 1) no one wants a Pop-Tart pretzel, and 2) Antoni Porowski would strongly disapprove.

The worst ad of the night? It wasn’t even close. In fact, there were 62 ads last night. The ratings for the top 61 ads ranged from 7.01 to 4.01 for the Pop-Tarts ad. In dead last with a 3.33 score? Donald Trump’s political ad boasting about granting a pardon to Alice Johnson.

The room I was in when that commercial aired erupted in boos. Twitter, likewise, rejected the ad for all the reasons you might expect.

Trump is even worse than Pop-Tart pretzels. But hey! Randy Quaid loved it, the same Randy Quaid who spent five years on the run from “Hollywood star whackers.”

If it is any consolation to Trump supporters, Michael Bloomberg’s ad was rated third worst of the night, although it polled nearly a full point ahead of Trump’s ad.

Source: Ad Meter

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