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'SVU' is on Tonight. When Will It Admit the Truth is Out There?

By Kate Hudson | TV | October 11, 2018 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | October 11, 2018 |


Law and Order SVU is on tonight, and like it has for the past 19 years, will spin a story ripped from the headlines that has a neat and tidy ending. I’ve been watching this show since it premiered, and as much as I love Olivia Benson and crew, I’m frankly disgusted they refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room: the existence of aliens.

Oh sure, write me off as some crackpot conspiracy theorist, but in the SVU world, aliens are real, and they’ve been involved in a decades-long conspiracy to take over the world and populate it with alien-human hybrids. Sound familiar?


Because it is.

This man is the key to all understanding. Detective John Munch.


You see, Detective John Munch, who ran with the SVU crowd for 14 years, didn’t originate on SVU. He started as a homicide beat cop on Homicide: Life on the Street. He’s also made appearances in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Arrested Development, The Wire, and hold on to your butts because it’s about to get very real, The X-Files.

So what does this mean? One character, multiple shows. Sure, you can subscribe to the theory that these shows take place in parallel dimensions, but that’s just dumb.


There’s only one logical conclusion—they all exist in the same universe. Thus, what holds true for one, holds true for the others.


If you recall, Munch popped up out of the blue in the fifth season episode of The X-Files “The Unusual Suspects.” The Lone Gunmen flash-back centric episode forever linked the Munch character to The X-Files universe, which itself becomes connected to the previously listed shows.

Is it a cop-out to continue to deny the existence of aliens within the greater universe? Friends, cop-out is not the word, it’s downright cowardly. The truth is out there—the character of Munch himself was a noted conspiracy theorist, a trait that carried throughout multiple shows. Why then is Dick Wolf so intent on hiding from the truth in SVU?

I guess we’ll never know. Tonight’s episode is about “When a masked pizza deliveryman assaults a couple in their home, SVU investigates.”

Does that sound like an alien-themed episode to you? No. Me neither.

We live in troubled times, the least SVU could do is stop hiding the truth from the unsuspecting public. We know the truth is out there—it’s time for them to finally admit it too, and have some damn aliens on the show. As for me, I’ll be watching every week like I always do, but I’ll be casting an occasional, hopeful glance above, hoping, wishing for the day they finally stop living the lie.

Until that fateful Thursday evening, friends…


Kate is a staff contributor. You can follow her on Twitter.

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