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‘Storm of the Century’ Remains One of Stephen King’s Greatest Works

By Andrew Sanford | TV | August 4, 2020 |

By Andrew Sanford | TV | August 4, 2020 |

Storm of the Century.png

Tropical Storm Isaias continues to make landfall on the East Coast. Dark skies, heavy winds and pouring rain. As I buckle down inside my apartment (which is easy as I have been doing so for four months already) it felt apt to revisit another storm that once ravaged the East Coast. This storm, however, was one of snow and supernatural beings. And this storm was created by the master of horror himself, Stephen King.

Stephen King fever comes and goes in waves. The author’s popularity has always extended past his books but on occasion that will lead to fits of films, comics and TV miniseries. Throughout the ’90s this hit a fever pitch with King stories such as IT, The Tommyknockers, The Stand and even The Shining being converted for television. While varying in quality, they all managed to draw in millions of viewers. In 1999, King decided to cut out the middle man and write a screenplay strictly for the purposes of being a mini series: Storm of the Century.

Set in the fictional, Maine town of Little Tall Island, Storm of the Century tells the story of a massive winter storm set to hit the island. As the small hamlet braces for the impending snow, a stranger arrives and murders one of its residents. As you might assume, he is no ordinary stranger. He happens to know all the townsfolk’s darkest secrets and won’t leave until they give him what he wants.

The tone of the miniseries is set quickly, introducing Little Tall Island as an idyllic, Rockwellesque town, bracing for a terrible storm. As King often does best, its peaceful nature is disrupted by the menacing Andre Lenoge played to perfection by Colm Feore. Soon, Little Tall is pulled apart as the monstrous and supernatural Lenoge becomes no match for the hidden and human terrors of a small town.

While not the most upbeat of things to watch right now (it contains one of the most gut punching endings of any King property), Storm of the Century contains everything there is to love about good Stephen King. Mystery, monsters and Maine are in full swing here. Some may wish to escape to a happier place than 2020 has given us, but Storm of the Century remains as worthwhile a watch as ever.

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Andrew lives in NYC. You can follow him on twitter.

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