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Some General Thoughts On That D&D Episode Of 'iZombie'

By Emily Cutler | TV | May 31, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | TV | May 31, 2017 |

1) Much like the Community D&D episode (I count only the first one given that the second one was, even with the inclusion of Mike Ehrmantraut and Tobias Fünke, not that good), it’s clear that some, if not all, of the players in the game genuinely like D&D. Which is important for all of these “nerdy” kinds of episodes. The fun of D&D is that it doesn’t actually take itself too seriously. The players are always in on the joke. Making them the butt of the joke ruins it. Plus then you don’t get to hear Major say things like, “Oh no, my first name is Sir.” Well played, Major Lillywhite. Well played.

2) This might be the first time in the history of the show that we haven’t discovered who the murderer is. It makes real life sense that Seattle PD would, upon discovering that a murdered hacker had a secret computer room and possibly hacked Russian energy plants, hand off that case to the FBI, but it was a little jarring to not have the murder wrapped up. I expected until the last seconds that some sort of vision would solve the case. Oh well.

3) Part of the “oh, well” is directly related to how irrelevant it made that game of D&D within the larger story. I know that Liv had the vision that ultimately discovered the door while playing D&D, but that could have happened at any time. Other Rob Thomas was trying to shoehorn the game into the show, and I’m into it.

4) So Jason Dohring is just on this show now, right? I don’t know why they aren’t playing this angle up, but Logan Echolls is back, yes? It’s only a matter of time before Martin Starr shows up, and I cannot wait. If Adam Scott pops up any place, I will lose my shit. More importantly, I’m very glad there’s no indication of a romantic plot between Liv and Chase because this show won’t hold any more earnest yearning.

5) Speaking of, what’s up with Liv and Major? I mean, I get their whole relationship kind of. I more so mean, who thinks this is how things happen? There was the original, devastating break-up, a few getting back togethers, he’s a zombie/she’s a zombie, can they make it works, and now, mere weeks after they slept together, Liv is dating Major’s best work friend? Does any of that make any sense in the real world? Has there ever been a couple that’s actually that cool with being friends afterward? Because we might have to face the fact that Other Rob Thomas just isn’t that great at writing relationships. The show’s been on for three seasons, and Liv’s got two dead boyfriends. Are we ever going to talk about poor Dead Boyfriend #1 and #2?

6) Also this week’s relationships took a super weird turn into stalker territory. Specifically how all of the dudes in the murder victims D&D group were waaaaaaaaaaay too into poor Zoe. Straight Gentlemen, the next time you start to complain about how women aren’t into nerdy guys and never give them a chance, I want you to carefully consider the guys in your group and determine which one would get a full back tattoo of a woman they are not dating. Do you know at least one? Then you’ve identified your problem.

Before anyone starts getting snippy in the comments, women aren’t inherently opposed to sex or dating. In fact, most of us are into it. What we don’t like is being lied to. And every time a dude holds a secret, but inappropriately deep, affection for a woman he purports to be “just friends” with, he’s lying to her. It doesn’t feel flattering or nice when the crush is finally revealed. It feels like the entirety of our previous friendship was a deception intent on getting what you really wanted. Also, HOW WERE YOU PLANNING TO EXPLAIN THE GIANT BACK TATTOO THE FIRST TIME YOU SLEPT WITH ZOE, WEIRD GUY? DID YOU THINK IT WOULD BE BETTER TO PRETEND YOU WAITED UNTIL AFTER THE THIRD DATE TO PERMANENTLY TAG YOUR BODY WITH HER NAME AND LIKENESS? AT WHAT POINT WOULD THAT TATTOO STOP BEING A THING ABOUT WHICH YOU ARE EMBARRASSED? I’m trying to say, the show didn’t properly highlight just how terrible it was that a group of “friends” were wildly and intentionally assholes about one of their other “friends.” Not cool, Other Rob Thomas.

7) Almost everything is forgiven if we get to see Clive play D&D again. He should be a Dwarf Fighter always.

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