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"Sh*t on My Face, You Ever Use Words Like 'We' and 'Married' in the Same F**king Sentence Again"

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 11, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 11, 2010 |

Why was Boyd Fowler murdering those women? That’s the question that the episode left hanging, when a dirty almost unrecognizable Julia Stiles shows up and witnesses Dexter’s Boyd kill. “You don’t know what you’re getting into,” Boyd says before Dexter plunges the knife into his chest, achieving no sense of relief.

Why was Boyd killing those women? Were they addicts who asked to be killed? Was Boyd doing them a solid? Does that make it OK? I’m going to miss Boyd and his roadkill; his been one of the few highlights of the season so far. And then scene between Dexter and Boyd in the ambulance — after they double-tranquilized one another — was hilariously fantastic. There was definitely more to Boyd than roadkill bumpkin, and I hope we learn more about his back-story through Julia Stiles.

Most of us knew that Stiles would be on the show this season, and as soon as Deb began interrogating nannies, I assumed Stiles would end up with the position. It was a nice twist to find her that she was a bedraggled unkilled victim of Boyd.

It was another instance of a sloppy kill for Dexter, both in the final execution and in the botched attempt. This is going to get him in trouble, and I have a vague feeling that Dexter might end up as a suspect in the murders that Boyd committed. Has anyone noticed that Dexter hasn’t shown up for work in a while, either? Earn your paycheck, dude.

Speaking of the nanny, she’s definitely too good to be true, isn’t she? And the fact that she was disarming enough to prevent Deb from doing a harsher investigation (or running a detailed background check) suggests that there’s more to her than a nice accent and a motherly touch. I mean, come on: She likes to watch Harrison sleep. How creepy is that? (Hint: It’s not creepy at all, but still, she’s bad news, because Dexter is a show about bad people, ergo …)

Meanwhile, there are people being serially decapitated, and for whatever reason, it’s hard to get into that subplot, which Deb and the uniform officer, Cira, are running. The showrunners are developing that subplot slowly, and so far, there’s nothing compelling about it besides decapitations, which seems tame in Dexter’s world.

Elsewhere, Quinn is still up in Deb and Dexter’s business, and the sooner Dexter kills Quinn, the better. He’s getting on my nerves. More Masuka, please.

Is it me, or do Maria and Angel have their own separate show going on, something completely separate from the main plotlines of “Dexter”? Last year, they spent the entire season hiding their affair, up and until they were married, which had nothing to do with everything else that was happening. And this year, Angel is being investigated by internal affairs for defending his wife’s honor in a bar fight. What does this have to do with anything? Why don’t we just give them their own spin-off sitcom, so I can not watch it?

There’s a lot going on this season, but none of it seems to matter much, yet. There are a lot of frazzled plot-lines. Nothing has gelled, and last night, they killed off the best thing about this season so far.

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