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'Riverdale' Recap: Wait? How Is He the Gargoyle King?

By Dustin Rowles | TV | May 9, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | May 9, 2019 |


OK. So, Spoilers, obviously, and also I have to write some Latin here so the spoilers don’t get lifted along with the image when this gets tweeted out and some rando goes off on me for spoiling their favorite show, so …. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, eam unum mundi dicam cu, mei an propriae accusamus dissentiunt. Debet ignota periculis sit ad, ut homero euismod accusata duo. Has affert delenit convenire ut. Cu possim expetenda mei. Dicam labores ceteros has ne, maiorum scripserit ut nec …


So, Jason Blossom is the Gargoyle King, gang. I mean, at least it seems as though he is. Ethel revealed as much to Jughead, and Jughead checked Jason Blossom’s grave, and sure enough, no Jason Blossom. It also explains why — if The Farm and the Gargoyle King are working together — Cheryl has been able to see Jason Blossom during her hypnotherapy sessions. That’s because it’s actually Jason Blossom. We learned this week that, during those therapy sessions in the Farm, the subjects see visions, which are really just body doubles, or in the case of Betty, her sister all dressed in black as Dark Betty. I suspect when Alice was seeing her dead son, she was just seeing a guy who looked like what he would look like all grown up. But when Cheryl was visiting with her dead brother, Jason Blossom, she was actually visiting with her dead brother, because he isn’t dead. He’s the Gargoyle King.

Also, The Farm is an organ-harvesting cult. FYI.

But wait? How does that work? Jason Blossom was murdered before the pilot episode. We’ve seen his bloated body. Other characters have seen his corpse. How has he returned?


Maybe Jason has a twin, which would mean Cheryl also has a twin, which means that Polly gave birth to triplets. It would be dumb and lazy and ridiculous and too easy, but this show has never been above that. Or maybe it’s not Jason Blossom, and it’s just someone who looks like him. Or maybe it is Jason Blossom, and Jason Blossom’s twin was the character who was actually killed off in the pilot. Really, in either scenario, this is some dumb Days of Our Lives bullshit, but then again, The Farm is an organ-harvesting cult operated by Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill. To its credit, the show leans into how batshit preposterous it all is.

To wit: After the murders he committed that were never investigated; after years of controlling the drug trade in Riverdale; and after building a private prison to use as a drug manufacturing plant, Hiram Lodge finally got nabbed by the feds for … operating an underground casino and an illegal boxing ring. And he wasn’t even operating it. Veronica and Archie were, but since Hiram’s name was on the title of the two places, he’s apparently criminally liable for it, which all sounds like a convenient way to put Hiram Lodge behind bars for three to six months before he returns next season. Also, to temporarily block him from buying Riverdale and turning it into a private city. By the way, Hiram nearly killed Archie in the boxing ring, because Mark Consuelos was jealous that KJ Apa was getting all the shirtless scenes on the show, and who doesn’t want to see Consuelos’ six-pack?

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 3.26.13 PM.png

Anyway, Cheryl now knows the truth about the Farm, but they got her locked up (but Toni got away). Meanwhile, Edgar Evernever is about to remove an organ from Betty. Tune in next week to see how the season finale makes sense of this disaster of a mess.

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