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'Riverdale' Quick and Dirty Recap: What We Learned About the Farm

By Dustin Rowles | TV | March 28, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | March 28, 2019 |


For all that happened in this week’s episode of Riverdale, “The Master,” it still managed to be relatively dull and plodding, so let us just hit the highlights, quick-and-dirty style:

— With Hiram’s private prison set to open — and the sh*tty guards from the old Fight Club prison overseeing it — Mad Dog and another of Archie’s old prison pals, Baby Teeth, are set to be transferred there. However, Archie — with the aid of Veronica — manages to blackmail Governor Dooley into giving Mad Dog and Baby Teeth pardons. Archie even gives them a place to stay at his gym. Unfortunately, Mad Dog’s family is stuck in an apartment building being overrun by Gargoyles, so he eventually agrees to the lesser of two evils and accepts a deal to box for the shady manager, Elio, so that he can provide a new home for his family.

— Gladys and Jughead are still at loggerheads after he burned down the trailer she was using to manufacture Jingle Jangle. Jughead decides to use his deputy force to go after the Gargoyles and their distribution chain until he can move up to the top guy, Kurtz. When he inadvertently interrupts an actual police sting, FP disbands the deputy force. No matter: Jughead and his posse go rogue — along with Archie, Mad Dog, and Baby Teeth — and end up in a Daredevil fight sequence at the apartment of Mad Dog’s family. It doesn’t go well for anyone, but in the end, Kurtz gets away and Jughead ends up giving Gladys a “You caught us off guard this time, but you just wait until the next time” speech.

— Hiram and Hermione really are getting a divorce, and a crestfallen Veronica tries to head it off by putting a fish in Hermione’s bed in the hopes that it’ll bring her parents back together. The parent trap fails but Hiram gets an annulment so as to avoid making their separation public and endangering Hermione’s life.

— In the only storyline that was of much interest this week, Betty uses Cheryl to spy on The Farm, but in her efforts to do so, Cheryl is charmed by Edgar Evernever and ends up joining the cult. We also find out the allure of The Farm: It somehow allows Cheryl to communicate with her dead brother (likewise, Betty’s Mom Alice can communicate with her son, Charles).

— Oh, and in the end, FP finds a dead Baby Teeth out in the woods with runes on his back and a lot of occult stuff lying around, marking him as another victim of the Gargoyle King. RIP Baby Teeth.

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