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RIP 'Soundtrack' and 'Spinning Out', Netflix Has Failed You Both

By Mae Abdulbaki | TV | February 4, 2020 |

By Mae Abdulbaki | TV | February 4, 2020 |


If there was a remote you could just click to cancel TV shows, I imagine the folks over at Netflix would enjoy using the hell out of it. Perhaps it’s indicative of the Peak TV era — there’s simply TOO much on television, this is a fact — but Netflix, the company that was once praised for not relying too heavily on ratings, cancelled two of its shows in the span of a month. So long, Spinning Out and Soundtrack, your lives were far too short.

Soundtrack, a romantic musical drama complete with lip-syncing actors including Jenna Dewan, premiered on the streaming service in December without much fanfare. In fact, the once sought-after series released its first trailer just two weeks ahead of its release date. That’s strange, even for Netflix. In addition to all that, there was nary a peep about this show anywhere on the internet, an example of the streaming giant’s sh*tty promotion if there ever was one.

I hadn’t even heard of this show before it was cancelled and that’s saying something because I live on the internet. No wonder no one watched this show, but to be cancelled only a month after its premiere must’ve come as a gut punch for creator Josh Safran, who served as showrunner for that other musical drama you might remember called Smash.


But wait, there’s more. I mentioned earlier that Netflix had also cancelled Spinning Out after one season, too. Described by our very own Kate Hudson as I, Tonya meets The Cutting Edge, Spinning Out was, as you can probably already tell, a figure skating drama about a skater who must relaunch her career after an injury.

The series was also a one-and-done after just one season, joining other cancelled Netflix originals like Tuca & Bertie and No Good Nick. Damn damn damn. I’d tell you how many people watched either show, but… oh wait, Netflix doesn’t bother releasing its ratings unless they’re really, really high. That, on its own, is nonsensical considering how they are counting their views these days anyway.

If you watch for two minutes — TWO MINUTES — then Netflix counts it as a view. The streaming service also has a marketing problem and has come under fire before for neglecting to promote its more diverse shows like On My Block, which many only heard about through word of mouth (myself included). So RIP Spinning Out and Soundtrack. May Netflix do better in the future or else stop taking on so many shows at once.

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