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Recap: What Happens in the Season Finale of 'A Million Little Things'?

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 22, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | February 22, 2019 |


The title to next week’s season finale of A Million Little Things is “Goodbye,” which reinforces my belief that there won’t be a major death in the finale, but they will say “goodbye” to a character. I still believe that character is going to be Jon, once Delilah gets all her answers from Barbara Morgan.

Is that supposed to be Jon’s son with Barbara Morgan? Because that’s character actor Rhys Coiro (The Walking Dead, Billy Walsh from Entourage) and he is 39 years old while Ron Livingston is 51, so … well, the math is a little funky on that. But I am guessing that’s what will be revealed. The answer to the Barbara Morgan storyline is that Jon had a life, a wife, and a son before Delilah, and he ran away that time. This time, he killed himself. Knowing all of that, it will be time for Delilah to say “goodbye” to her dead husband, to let him go and move on with her life, because she has a potential new love interest, Andrew, a super charming guy who may secretly be a narcissist who helps others in order to boost his own ego.

That is intimated in this week’s episode in Regina’s storyline, when she gets upset because all of the press Andrew is getting for the new restaurant that she opened and for which she is the chef. Meanwhile, Rome is at the hospital with Eddie and Gary, waiting for Maggie to get out of surgery. Rome brought his semi-autobiographical screenplay about his depression, which he accidentally leaves behind. It’s picked up, however, by Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead, who is quite taken with the story. Not for nothing, but it’s also Chandler Riggs’ first work since The Walking Dead, and in his two scenes, he was better here than he was in eight and a half seasons of The Walking Dead (Riggs will apparently be the first to admit this). It still could be Rome to whom we say “goodbye,” but he’s on an upswing. That said, depression doesn’t give a shit how happy you are.

Delilah is mostly back-burnered this episode, though I do wonder if they’re going to be able to cram her childbirth into next week’s finale along with all the other Barbara Morgan revelations (I hope they save that for season 2). However, the father of her baby, Eddie, finally signed his divorce papers with Katherine, although they both seemed reluctant to do so. They’re saying all the things to each other that they should have said during their marriage, and they’re getting along better than they have in years. With Theo in the picture, I don’t know how either of these characters can say “goodbye” in next week’s episode without leaving Theo behind, and they both clearly adore their son. Divorce papers notwithstanding, I do sense that these two are going to reconcile … at least until Eddie’s baby bombshell breaks them apart again.

The week’s major storyline, however, was Maggie’s ultimately successful cancer surgery, and the shenanigans between Gary and Maggie’s mother. She stole his parking spot at the hospital; he got angry; they yelled at each other a lot; and then they bonded over their shared love for Maggie. It was very sweet, and then Gary asked Maggie to move in, and she said yes, so if either one of these characters say “goodbye” in next week’s finale — or God forbid, Maggie has a *narm* moment, I will burn this show to the ground.

We’ll find out next week.

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