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The Thing About This Week's Episode of "The Office" Is That It Was Amazing

By Dustin Rowles | TV | May 10, 2013 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | May 10, 2013 |

I am glad that there’s another episode of “The Office,” in what has been a magical last-minute resurrection of the series, but if last night had been the series finale, I would’ve been OK with that, too. It basically gave us everything we wanted: An appropriate goodbye to Daryl, Dwight confessing his love for Angela, and Jim Halpert fully rehabilitating his character. I assumed that Pam would have to allow him to leave on the three-month business trip, but this is even better: Jim prioritized Pam over everything, and it wasn’t a facade, it wasn’t a play. It was genuine. He meant it. As long as he’s with Pam, he can work at that goddamn paper company, under Dwight, for the rest of his life, and be more than content. He can be happy.

It was a phenomenal episode, with a perfect ending (so long as you ignore the fact that Andy was even in it. Separate the cancer from the body, and you really find out what’s been wrong with the series for so long).

We got one last hilarious Dunder Mifflin prank that manages to be sweet, instead of cruel. The Dwight and Jim friendship has been one of the great highlights of the last few episodes.



Then, of course, Daryl got his perfect farewell.


The episode had just the perfect amount of Nellie.


It took these last few episodes to realize how much we can actually care about Dwight, and his proposal to Angela was perfect, but his response to learning that he was a father brought down the house.





It was right here, where my heart jumped out of my chest.


And then, of course, Jim sealed it in the most perfect kind of way.


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