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March Madness: The Best TV Show of the 21st Century (Round of 32)

By Dustin Rowles | TV | March 19, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | March 19, 2018 |


Last week’s first round of the Best TV Show of the 21st Century was fun, wasn’t it? Some of many of All of you expressed some disgruntlement with the way the tournament was set up, and I hear you. Do you think I enjoyed seeing some of my favorites (Friday Night Lights, Freaks and Geeks, Scrubs The goddamn Leftovers) voted out of the first round?

Actually, I did, because it brought you all so much torment and that which brings you all mental misery allows me to sleep at night. But, I am willing to listen to your complaints and do something about it, and by that, I mean: Save two of your favorite shows from defeat. Why? Because 1) it is equitable, and 2) because it gives me another opportunity to torment you.

Granted, most of the decisions you will have to make in the round of 32 are much easier, but that’s only because I’m trying to prolong the misery.

In furtherance of that, and to make room for the two most popular losers, I have combined the four least popular winners in terms of vote count. Neither of these four shows are going to win the ultimate bracket, but it’s nice to have a Cinderella make it to the Sweet 16, isn’t it?

1. The Non-Contenders

The Non-Contenders
The Chapelle Show
You’re the Worst

Stacking four in one category allows me to bring back these two popular losers, but I am pitting them against each other because this shouldn’t be easy.

2. Second Chance.

Second Chance
Game of Thrones
Good Place

Here are the rest of the brackets, thematically paired to the best of my ability.

3. Big Government

Big Government
West Wing

4. Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement
The Wire

5. Spies.

The Americans

6. Philly vs. Atlanta.

Philly vs. Atlanta
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelelphia

7. Workplace.

The Office
30 Rock

8. Space Opera.

Space Operas
Battlestar Galactica
9. Kickass Heroines.
Kickass Heroines
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Jessica Jones

10. Newport Beach vs. Springfield

Newport Beach vs. Springfield
Arrested Development
The Simpsons

11. British Geniuses.

British Geniuses
Last Week Tonight

12. AMC Antiheroes.

AMC Antiheroes
Mad Men
Breaking Bad

13. Groundbreaking HBO Dramas.

Groundbreaking HBO Dramas
Six Feet Under
The Sopranos

14. NBC Must See TV

Nu-NBC Must See TV
Parks and Recreation

15. Will They Won’t They

Will They Won’t They
Gilmore Girls

16. Purgatory vs. The Upside Down.

Purgatory vs. The Upside Down
Stranger Things

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