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Kandy Muse Knows She Makes ‘Great Television’

By Emma Chance | TV | July 28, 2023 |

By Emma Chance | TV | July 28, 2023 |


Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars season 8 runner-up Kandy Muse and winner Jimbo recently sat down with Joey Nolfi of Entertainment Weekly to recap the season.

“There’s been a lot that’s gone on,” Nolfi said, referring to the drama between the queens during and after filming. “Is everyone okay?” he asked.

Jimbo, ever the polite Canadian, deferred to her runner-up to do the talking. “Well I think today we can confirm everyone’s okay,” Muse answered. “If you had asked me that last week I wouldn’t have had an answer. You know, girls leave the group chat every other day. But I think it’s a sisterhood.”

There were 12 queens on the cast. That’s too many people for one group chat. I would leave it too.

Muse explained that with so much money on the line, and with this being the second or in some cases third time the queens have been in competition with each other, the pressure was high.

“And I think sometimes the fans forget that,” she said.

Jimbo said that she thought the drama lent itself to “fun storylines and fun tension.”

The conversation turned to how Muse felt about losing to Jimbo. Muse explained that she’s been receiving so much industry support she doesn’t care about losing.

“All the comments and all the tweets, none of that matters, because my shows are always sold out,” she said, referring to the negative attention she gets on social media.

“I can’t say it’s not like, a sting to lose,” she admitted, but overall, she’s confident. “I made some great television. How many girls can say that they’ve been in the final two twice? The only girl that’s ever achieved that has been Raven.” Raven came in second on season 2 of Drag Race and second again on the first season of All Stars. Muse took second place on DR season 13 before returning for AS season 8.

Muse said that she’d be happy to have the kind of success that Raven has seen.

“Listen Raven’s doing RuPaul’s makeup, so, if I can stand with Raven, I’m okay with that.”

I think we all can agree that Kandy Muse would not be satisfied doing makeup in the background, but let her dream.