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"Justified" -- "Loose Ends": "Harlan County Elections Ain't Over Until The Dead Have Voted"

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 14, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | March 14, 2012 |

Things We Learned:

  • I hope Delroy’s Angels (Crystal, Ellen May and an unnamed working girl) were better prostitutes than they were robbers.

  • A drunk Raylan is a frisky Raylan. Noted. Also, in appraising the attractiveness of the bartender and critiquing her clothing, Ava displays a sharp eye for the female form. Foreshadowing?
    kiss 1.jpg
    kiss 2.jpg

  • It’s nice to know Devil’s calmed down quite a bit since Raylan last saw hi-WAIT A MINUTE.

  • I don’t know what kind of pills Quarles is taking, but I hope there’s a surgeon’s general warning that mentions something about impaired judgment. “My that sho’ am sweet,” Quarles? REALLY?

  • Was Cousin Johnny trying to put the (handicapped) moves on Ava? Johnny, you should know Boyd rarely stays in the pen for longer than an episode or two. Also, for as pretty as Joelle Carter is, I think I like her conflicted/angry/determined faces the best.
    Ava face.jpg

  • We’re going to file Raylan’s stunt with “Agent Masters,” the bullet proof vest and Sheriff Napier in AUSA Vasquez’s “All The Shit Raylan Knows He Shouldn’t Have Done” file.

  • We can add Pimp Killer and Madam to Ava’s growing CV. As intrigued as I am by the new prostitute angle, I would prefer an Ava/Ellen May Sunshine Cleaners-esque spin-off where they travel around Harlan County getting out stains that had been there 10 years.

  • While “a Bouncing Betty” sounds like it belongs in Ava’s new line of work, Tanner finds out the hard way that it is a clever type of landmine.
    raylan bomb .jpg

  • Did Boyd Crowder really mock Sheriff Napier’s hair? Oddly coiffed pot meet queerly groomed kettle. Maybe Boyd learned that particular brand of hypocrisy while studying at the Mags Bennett School Of Masterful Manipulation And Speechifying. Boyd’s oration (Black Pike and all) was an obvious nod to Margo Martindale’s barn burning sermon from last season. Let’s hope it leads to an Emmy nomination for the magnificent Goggins.
    boyd flag.jpg

  • If Raylan didn’t make his mommy issues clear by tenderly setting up Mrs. Dodd’s new flatscreen, his encounter with Limehouse certainly brought it home. You may say Raylan was asking for it by calling Limehouse out on his “Country bumpkin BBQ bullshit,” but Limehouse got super personal. He made our favorite Marshal tear up. Stupid move.
    raylan tear.jpg


  • Two of Delroy’s Angels. (Cause of Death: The Life They’d Chosen.)
  • Lemuel Briggs. (Cause of Death: We haven’t done the forensics yet, but I’m going to go ahead and guess it was Errol’s gun.)
  • Tanner Dodd. (Cause of Death: Lemuel’s Bouncing Betty.)
  • William Mapother aka Ethan from “Lost” aka Tom Cruise’s cousin aka Delroy The Pimp (Cause of Death: Ava’s BAMFery.)

    Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks and Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson Line Count

  • Rachel = 0 (Though she was mentioned. So, not dead yet!)
  • Tim = 0

    Winona B*tchwatch

  • We saw neither hide nor glorious glossy chestnut hair of Winona Hawkins. 0 B*tch Points.

    Favorite Lines:

  • “He was waiting for you in a secluded spot with a shovel and a rope. What was that about? Were you guys going to do some gardening?”

  • “Social awkwardness is often the curse of genius.”

    The Gist: I want to speak, for a minute, to the Boyd/Ava relationship. I’ve heard folks denounce Ava as weak-willed and liable to fall into bed with whatever man she thinks will protect her. They point out that while she once forbade Boyd to mention his criminal activities in her house, now she appears to be a willing participant in that life of crime. But remember, when we first met Ava, she had just murdered her husband. I think when Raylan showed up at her door, she saw him as her ticket out of the poverty and crime-ridden Harlan. She went after him tooth and well-polished nail. This was a woman who wanted to be a hairdresser in Lexington and, because that fell apart, she’s going to wind up a madam in Harlan. But that was it, that was her shot. And now I think she’s making the best of the cards that have been dealt her. Are murder and prostitution something to aspire to? No. But I think, in throwing her hat into the Crowder Crime Ring, Ava hopes she can effect some change. That tender heart that Cousin Johnny accused her of? That’s the driving force behind her desire to take Delroy’s place. And, in Boyd, she’s found a person who believes in her, who employs her as an effective lieutenant, and who tells her, “You know what baby? If that’s the decision you felt like you needed to make, well then I respect it.” As Ava told Raylan, she’s not trying to change Boyd, she’s trying to help him … and Arlo … and, heck, why not, all of Harlan County. Unlike Mags, she’s not driven by greed or venality; she would never sell her people out. In that sense, despite her fluid moral code, she’s more like Raylan than anyone realizes. She bends and shapes the rules in order to protect the innocent. She’s just doing it from the other side of the law. You may think that makes her weak, I think that makes her strong. I’m voting Crowder/Crowder ‘12.

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