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Jimmy Fallon Has A Great Job

By Andrew Sanford | TV | October 20, 2020 |

By Andrew Sanford | TV | October 20, 2020 |

Two Goats .png

“Jimmy Fallon has a great job,” exclaimed my wife as she entered the living room. She was responding to Fallon’s latest bit on The Tonight Show, where he was singing with Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda. In the video, both men are sporting fantastic goatees and singing about voting, repeating the phrase “two goats who will vote.” To put it bluntly, my wife is absolutely correct.

This year has seen an influx of celebrities urging people to vote. I can’t imagine why … From nude celebs, to Happy Days reunions, the efforts emerging from Hollywood have been loud and proud. It’s something that is, for me, encouraging to see.

This singing sketch on Fallon stands out from the pack for a number of reasons. First off, even though Jimmy and Lin-Manuel are not in the same room, they both bring the same fun, nerdy energy. They’re having a blast and it’s downright infectious.

Second, there’s a strong sense of earnestness to it. Neither performer is the best singer (yeah, I said it) and yet I didn’t care while watching it. I don’t want to sound like a doting parent, but they’re both trying their darndest and it’s hard not to get swept up by that. The video is barely a minute long and yet I’ve been yelling “two goats who will vote” in my apartment for the last 45 minutes. Spoiler alert: I am also not the best singer.

Fallon and Miranda clearly like working together and that is yet another reason why this video is so damn pleasing. It’s nice to see two friends using their platform for a shared (and important) goal. They don’t have any lyrics about who to vote for, they just want to encourage people to vote. That is a common theme among most celebrity campaigns and I think that’s rad.

Jimmy Fallon does have a great job. Not only is he enjoying the hell out of it but he’s doing so with a purpose. And because of that, I’ll “be back, soon you’ll see!” (Stick the landing with a Hamilton reference and SCENE)

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Andrew lives in NYC. You can follow him on twitter.

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