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“Is She Gonna Powder Her Vagina?” and the Best Lines from NBC's Thursday Night Comedies

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 7, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 7, 2011 |

Community. Grade: B+ The first two episodes of the season seemed to be trying to attract a larger audience with broader humor. I didn’t like that. I like the inside jokes. The more esoteric humor. The genre riffs. The stuff that new audiences wouldn’t understand, because f*ck them. If you haven’t climbed aboard the “Community” train by season three, then go back and watch it from the beginning. You’ll be rewarded richly for your efforts. Still, I don’t know how many times this goddamn study group can almost break up only to realize what they love about each other, but if they’re all as good as last night’s episode, I really don’t care.

  • “As someone who just finished spending the majority of his life in prison, what happened to LEGOs? They used to be simple.” — Professor Kane

  • “Paintball … Second paintball.” — Abed

  • “My own words rang inside my head. Like a bell inside a head.” — Chang

  • “She was all dame. Legs that went all the way to the bottom of her torso. The kind of arms that had elbows.” — Chang

  • “Why don’t they just makes tires out of pavement so they could drive on anything?” — Chang

  • “If loving worms is stupid, then I don’t want to be smart.” — Britta

    “It is, and you can’t be.” — Annie

    Parks and Recreation. Grade: B There was absolutely nothing wrong with this episode, but it wasn’t their funniest effort. The NPR spoof fell a little flat, and Rob Lowe’s hair continues to befuddle, but anything can be forgiven with a little Bert Macklin.

  • “Could one say that a book is nothing more than a painting of words which are the notes on a tapestry of the greatest film ever sculpted?” — Radio Guy

  • “”Usually I only read nautical novels and my own personal manifestos, but I’m proud to make this exception.” — Ron

  • “Ann was getting a little chummy. When people get chummy with me I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know that I don’t care about them.” — Ron

  • “Nipple hill … it gets very slippery there, especially when it’s wet.” — Leslie

    The Office Grade: B-. I thought last night’s episode was flat compared to the first two of the season, but it did demonstrate why Andy is such a great choice to run Dunder Mifflin. He got over his fear of confrontation and gave a nice, boss-like speech to Daryl. The B-plot involving loading up the paper almost didn’t work, but for Jim’s priceless delivery of “porque es muy rapido.” I feel bad for the actors who played those nameless lottery-winning warehouse characters who have had steady, non-speaking work for years. I guess they’re going to have to get real jobs now.

  • “Grunting is scientifically proven to add more power. Ask any female tennis player. Or her husband.” — Dwight

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