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In a Shocking Turn of Events, Winston Was the Least Weird Character on Last Night's 'New Girl'

By Vivian Kane | TV | November 5, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | TV | November 5, 2014 |

Last night’s New Girl had an unexpected twist. Maybe the writers learned something from “Dice,” the episode from earlier this season that had Coach, Nick, and Cece do absolutely nothing but be stoned around a bunch of cops (with wonderful results). Or maybe they’re just running low on story lines. It doesn’t really matter what the reason, let’s just enjoy the relentless pure fun of last night’s episode, which had very little to speak of in the way of plot, but was chock-full of hijinks. The episode centered around Winston, though as usual, he was still somehow a peripheral character in his own story. Still, in an unprecedented move for this show, Winston ended up being the most sane, stable person in the loft. Of course, his competition wasn’t exactly stiff. We had Nick, who copes with situations by plugging his ears, closing his eyes and singing “Landslide” to himself.

Also, his own personal lyrics to the song may or may not be be about blind puppies.

There was Schmidt, who spent the episode being obsessed with Cece and unable to say the name “Paul.” Schmidt also found himself needing to mop the floor with his shirt.

And Coach, who was self-tasked with the job of recruiting a young boy to… oh, it’s not even worth explaining. Just… hijinks!

And of course Jess, who was pretty sure she absorbed meth into her bloodstream through her “boob skin.”

So yeah, the sanity bar was set pretty low, and it’s not like Winston wasn’t as weird as always. Because oh, he was.

But he also had some tender moments, and a self-assertion that we haven’t seen from him in a while.

All in all, he came one step closer to being an actual character, instead of a wandering non-sequitur. So hooray for that.

Vivian Kane is sad that Cece had cleavage instead of a character this week (every week?), but at this point we’re taking what we can get.

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