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I Think I Have A New Favorite Character And Ten Things We Learned From This Week's "American Horror Story"

By Joanna Robinson | TV | November 2, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | TV | November 2, 2012 |

Ryan Murphy Found Something Even More Enjoyable Than Stabbing Adam Levine: As much as I love a good Levine gutting, there was something exhilarating and satisfying in that shot to the head. No? My only regret is that we won’t enjoy more stabbing in the future. Unless, well unless every episode opens with some further defiling of the Levine corpse. I might be okay with that. Also, in the present, there appears to be…what…”Bloddy Face” copycat killers? Like this is some sort of Scream sequel?

Sevigny Haters Also Got A Treat: Many of you expressed your disdain for Chloë Sevigny’s histrionics last week. Well, lucky you. After her dine and dash on Orderly Carl, Shelley got her wings clipped by Dr. Arden. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Shelley.

Dr Treadstone Likes To Misbehave: Oh it was minor, but, hopefully, that little Quinto smirk will lead to further shenanigans. He makes for a fairly decent boy detective and here’s hoping he cracks the case of “Bloody Face” wide open.

Drunk Jessica Lange Is, As You Would Expect, A Delight: Lange was half in the bag all last season on “American Horror Story” and it was so fun to see her back to her bobbing and weaving ways. One high point, of course, was when Sister Jude started quoting Rodgers and Hammerstein instead of scripture. But the pinnacle moment had to have been when she called Charles Laughton an “enormous whoopsie.” What an adorably offensive term.

Pre-Code Hollywood Was The Bomb: If you’ve never taken a film history class, there’s a possibility you might not know that before the Hays Code was fully enforced in 1934, there was a lot of salacious material coming out of Hollywood. For example: Claudette Colbert in a milk bath. Why Sister Jude thought it was a good pick, we’ll never know.
sign of the cross.jpeg

Oh, Look, A Triumphant Shawshank: Mom-AAAHHHH ZOMBIES: The Briarcliff reaction to Claudette Colbert already gave me a Rita Hayworth/Shawshank Redemption vibe, but then we got the classic “freeeeedom” shot in the rain. But no one ruins a moment of triumph like Ryan Murphy. This time with zombie/experiment/creatures.

The Zombies Were Bad: Pustules? Really?

But The Alien Was Worse: I don’t know. My take on this was “alien.” Maybe it was just meant to be another creature. Or the manifestation of the evil inhabiting Sister Mary Eunice. Or one of Sister Jude’s drunk delusions. But it looked reptilian/alien to me. Do we know where Kit was during this time?

“The Mexican” Has Never Seen A Horror Movie: You never call the murderer/monster out. Not unless you want a pair of scissors to the neck.

Sister Mary Eunice, I Think I Love You: Lily Rabe absolutely killed it this episode. Let’s hope she continues to do so. This plotline has quickly become my favorite.

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