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Homophobic Kevin Hart Pretends Not to Understand Homophobia in Exchange with Lil Nas X

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 4, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 4, 2019 |


Kevin Hart is currently trending on Twitter on a two-story track. He was in a serious car accident this weekend, but now that his wife says he’s OK, and it looks like he’ll be able to walk, rumors and details of the car accident itself are beginning to surface. We don’t care about the rumors.

What we do care about is Kevin Hart appearing on HBO’s Uninterrupted and INTERRUPTING Lil Nas X to say, “Who cares?” So what? about the fact that Lil Nas X recently came out as gay, and acting like it’s no big deal that Lil Nas X came out because it’s not like a super famous stand-up comedian has ever made jokes about beating his own children if he found out they were gay or anything.

Seriously? “So what?” Does Kevin Hart not recall being forced out as host of the Oscars because of the fury over his homophobic remarks? And he’s gonna be all “So what?” and get antagonistic about this? Instead of being defensive, there was an opportunity there for Kevin Hart to hug it out with Lil Nas X, to say, “I hate that I contributed to that, that I made it more difficult for people in your position to freely express who they are,” instead of being dismissive to Lil Nas X’s concerns and treating it like it was no big deal when Kevin Hart knows as well as anyone what a big goddamn deal it was. You cannot contribute to a culture of homophobia and then pretend like a culture of homophobia doesn’t exist.

I hope that Kevin Hart makes a speedy recovery from injuries sustained during his car accident. But also, what he said on Uninterrupted was some bullshit.

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