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Greg Daniels' Potential 'The Office' Series Is not a Reboot, Remake, Spin-Off, or Revival

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 14, 2023 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | November 14, 2023 |


One of the first announcements made after the end of the WGA strike was reporting from the Puck suggesting that Greg Daniels was rebooting The Office, which generated dozens of headlines in September.

It wasn’t true. Daniels is not working on a reboot. He hasn’t talked to NBC about a reboot or a remake. But, Daniels told The Wrap, if he were working on something The Office related, it would not be a reboot or a remake or even a spin-off. It would be something akin to “the way The Mandalorian is a new show in the Star Wars universe … Something like the notion of this documentary crew doing a documentary about a different subject.”

“That, I think, could be intriguing and creative. But I don’t even know what you would call that. I don’t know if that’s like a sister show or something. I don’t know what the term is. But it doesn’t feel like reboot would be the appropriate term for that.”

Does he mean a series like Parks and Recreation? Or American Vandal? Or High School Musical: The Musical: The Series or Trial and Error or Review or What We Do in the Shadows or, like, every other series that has aired since The Office?

That’s not a reboot, or a remake, or a spin-off, or even a sister show. That’s just another mockumentary television series! That’s the term, Greg! The term is: An entirely new show!

So, there you go: Greg Daniels is not working on anything related to The Office, but if he were working on something related to The Office, it wouldn’t be related to The Office. It would just be a mockumentary television series.

That’s the right call for precisely the reasons Daniels expanded on in the interview with The Wrap; “I feel like we ended [The Office] beautifully. The characters had closure. I would never want to redo that same show with a different cast, because I think we got the luckiest cast, the best cast ever in TV, to do that show.”

Source: The Wrap

Header Image Source: NBC