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'Galavant' GIF Recap: Better Late Than Never

By Kristy Puchko | TV | January 22, 2015 |

By Kristy Puchko | TV | January 22, 2015 |

Oh did you think that just because this is the penultimate night of Galavant with its hero minutes away from his fateful confrontation with the nepharious (and adorable) King Richard that the show was coming to a neat conclusion? Well, if you did, you haven’t been paying attention. Last night’s Galavant gave us “Completely Mad…Alena” and “Dungeons and the Dragon Lady” and threw new curves into this fractured fairy tale word, making this ride all the more fun and fucked up.

This week Galavant kicked off by reminding us how last week’s left us hanging, quite awkwardly—without a song number or anything! Gal and the gang are on the rechristened pirate ship headed for Valencia, where he expects to be reunited with Madalena, but will actually be betrayed by Isabella because the dude does not listen to asides.


I have FINALLY realized who Mallory Jansen’s Madalena reminds me of! That toxic yet lovable red-headed bitch from You’re The Worst played by Aya Cash! These two may be my hairspiration to go ginger again.


I totally love the idea of Madalena becoming her own diva villainess. It’s like Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world. Best lines, “Who’d pull off a coup d’état like you while rocking a push-up bra like you,” and “Who has the brains to break her chains and seize the reigns? Yeah you!”


Weird Al pops in for a cameo as a monk who’s taken a vow of singing. The song was a cute parody of boy band make-ups (the cute one, the shy one, the bad but not so bad one). But after Weird Al’s total domination of the internet with his Mandatory Fun videos, this is a bit underwhelming. Right?


I’m digging the “So, 9 o’clock?” runner. And King Richard may have his faults, but that prank about Isabella’s not really decapitated parents?


“Yes life would blow, but much less though, if I could share mine with yours.” After watching Sophie McShera’s Downton Abbey character make all sorts of bone-headed romance decisions, “Peasant Love” is deeply satisfying.

Thumbnail image for Kristen-Bell-Happy-Tears.gif

Whoa. Madalena has gone full on evil with this cook-swap gambit. AND she ends “Completely Mad…Alena” with the promise that “everything’s about to change.”


So begins “Dungeons and the Dragon Lady,” with Madalena teasing her plan to be queen, and instating Gal as her boy toy. “I really like stuff. I mean, why would I give all this up to get fat, pregnant and grow my own food?”


Can we agree that the villains are stealing this show? Gal, Isabella, and Sid are fun, and charming. Totes. Totes. But Madalena and King Richard with their despicable greed, selfishness, and classism deliver jokes with more edge and wit by nature of their cavalier attitude toward killing and general evilness. Their wickedness is just more fun, right?


Ricky Gervais and his pesky laughter cameo as the magician drug peddler Xanax, who sends Richard into a trippy flashback about his big bad brother Kingsley and how his feelings of inferiority date back to him being a chubby second choice.


“Love is strange, and often pretty drunk.” OH. MY. GOD. Galavant kiss Isabella already.


Anachronistic Vinnie Jones geezer is perfection. “I may be a dog. But at least I’m a loyal one.”


Xanax gave Dickie King Richard the insight and courage to see Madalena’s no good. But just before he could send her cheating, betraying, high and tight ass to the dungeon, she’s saved by the return of Kinglsey, who is instantly terrifying as played by Rutger Hauer of Death Squad notoriety. And episode over. COME ON!


Random lines that made me LOL:

“I’m sure that’s exactly how it’s going to be. Especially the living part, for you. No reason why you wouldn’t keep on living. Your life.”

“Attention donkey turds!”

“You’re mouth is saying no, but I can see your rotten teeth through that smile!”

“Why do I even talk to poor people?”

“I’m only magnanimous once every ten years. So just let this happen.”

“Yes, she’s beautiful in a perfect skin, perfect body, perfect hair kind of way. If you’re into that sort of thing.”

“Have these been open the whole time? No one thought to check?”

We’re coming to the end of Galavant season one. But if this tweet from Galavant star Joshua Sasse might mean we’ll get a season two after all!

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