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'Arrow' Goes All-in Selling New Canary's Absurd Heroics

By Craig Wack | TV | January 22, 2015 |

By Craig Wack | TV | January 22, 2015 |

Arrow is a Red Ranger Roy goatee away from truly being The Darkest Timeline following its midseason premiere.

If there was something from this season that made you cringe or roll your eyes, “Left Behind” had it by the bucketful in order to make Lawwwrel Lance look like the most competent person in the room and justify her heroic reveal at the end of the episode.

Oliver Queen has been out of town for four days and the team crapped its collective pants once a new threat arises. Without Ollie to guide them, Diggle forgets anything he learned about tactics in the military and Roy is still a parkour loving fool.

Then there’s poor, poor Felicity. The character this show has built into one of the strongest females on TV over the course of two seasons turns into a soggy noodle of indecision once her man is late from his dozenth business trip facing certain doom. By the end of the episode, if she could wrap Diggle, Roy and Ray Palmer in bubble wrap to protect them, she would.

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In our time of darkest despair with the team splintering, who can we turn to as Ollie manages not to bleed out or die of exposure as he lays shirtless and gutted like a trout for hours (days?) on a rocky outcropping? Laurel “Mutha F***ing” Lance. That’s who.

That pill-addicted basket case that nearly lost her law license four episodes ago? Gone. New Laurel won a bail hearing, bitches!

Who’s there raise Team Arrow’s spirits after Malcolm Merlyn dashed their hopes of Ollie surviving his encounter on the mountain? L to the L, baby.

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Remember when she couldn’t keep the secret about her sister being dead from any random passer-by? The DLL is the rock that even Diggle leans on in time of trouble.

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Who looks good in leather pants? In all seriousness, kudos for that one. Not an easy outfit to pull off.

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Who couldn’t throw a proper punch three weeks ago but now has the stealth and strength to capably fill the Arrow’s shoes? I think you already know that answer.

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Get well soon, Ollie. Your show is going to hell without you.

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Craig Wack is a veteran journalist. Please follow his Twitter.

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