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'Fear the Walking Dead' Is Doling Out Details on the Fate of Rick Grimes

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 3, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | June 3, 2019 |


I covered this far more extensively over on Uproxx here and here, because that is my beat over there. However, I know there are still a few of you here who are active viewers of The Walking Dead and possibly even a few who watch Fear the Walking Dead.

In case you missed it, or are curious about it, in last night’s fifth season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, there was an Easter Egg, or a callback, or whatever you want to call it that seems to be weaving The Walking Dead universe together.

For those who haven’t given much thought to The Walking Dead since Negan came on the scene and bashed Glenn’s head in back in season 7, the ratings have fallen but the universe is rapidly expanding. In addition to Fear the Walking Dead — which Morgan from The Walking Dead now inhabits (and Dwight will soon join him) — there’s a second spin-off coming next year about two young women trying to survive the apocalypse, and there are also a series of The Walking Dead movies coming. Those movies concern Rick Grimes, who left the series under mysterious circumstances midway through season 9.

The circumstances surrounding Rick’s departure are starting to come into focus. On The Walking Dead, a badly wounded Rick blew up a bridge to prevent a horde of zombies from invading Alexandria. He was presumed dead by the characters on that show, but in reality, an unknown helicopter picked him and another character, Jadis, up and flew them away toward an unknown destination. That will be the focus of the first Rick Grimes movie.


We didn’t know anything about the people in the helicopter until now. Note that the three-ring symbol on the helicopter. That symbol reappeared in the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead last night. A character named Althea (Maggie Grace) found it in the belongings of a zombie who had been wearing a hazmat suit. This zombie was found in an area with a lot of signs noting “hazardous materials,” leading some — and by “some,” I mean “me” — to speculate that this hazardous site may be responsible for the original zombie outbreak.


In any case, a friend or colleague of the zombie ultimately tased Althea and abducted her before we could find out anything else about the organization behind the three-ringed symbols, though the outfit seems to be called “CRM.” Presumably, this season of Fear will provide us with the origins story of CRM before the Rick Grimes movies fill in more details. I’m assuming that CRM will probably also make an appearance in the second, as-yet-untitled spin-off next year, as well.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and Rick Grimes, that may provide the impetus needed to watch Fear the Walking Dead (you can start in season 4, after the reset, although you might want to skip the back half, because it was not very good). If that’s not tempting enough, the presence of Garrett Dillahunt is a pretty good motivator, although in addition to Lennie James’ Morgan, Alycia Debnam-Carey has really come into her own as Alicia, the only cast member remaining from the pilot (and only one of two remaining from the first season).

An interesting wrinkle here, however, is that Danai Gurira will be leaving The Walking Dead in season ten (due to air in October), and there are rumors that she’ll join the Rick Grimes movies. The only wrinkle there is the fact that Rick’s departure from The Walking Dead is on the same timeline as Fear the Walking Dead, but Michonne is currently on a completely different timeline six or seven years ahead of Fear the Walking Dead where Judith Grimes is like 10 years old, so if Michonne is to show up in the Rick Grimes movies, the timeline in those will also have to advance.

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