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'BH90210' Finale Explained: Why is Shannen Doherty Covered in Blood? Is ‘The OC’ Getting a Reboot?

By Kate Hudson | TV | September 13, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | TV | September 13, 2019 |


It’s over, but I don’t want to say goodbye. Yes, BH90210 aired its finale this week, and we still don’t have word whether it will be renewed or not.

Please, please, please, Old TV Gods and New, renew BH90210 so we can see what happens. I’m begging you. Let us have one nice thing in 2019, a year that is every bit as much of a dumpster fire as the one that came before it.


With that said, spoilers for the BH90210 finale, below. Turn back now if you haven’t seen it.

Why is Shannen Doherty covered in opossum blood?

I mean, let’s just let Shannen explain, OK?

So, Jason Priestley is Zach’s dad?

Yup, sure seems like it! You’ll recall that show-Brian’s wife ran a secret DNA test on Zach and the results came back that he was not the father, and it didn’t even take Maury Povich to convince him or anything. Brian was bummed, Zach was bummed, Shannen was zen—and they all tried to move past it. Cut to the up-fronts, and Brian shares with Jason a picture of him and Zach’s mom, with Jason lurking in the background.

…could it be?

I mean, the implication is clear—Jason could absolutely be Zach’s dad. Something we’d get to explore in season 2, Fox. Just saying!

So the dress guy was the stalker!?

Yeah, seems like it. If I have one complaint about this season it’s that this storyline, in particular, was rushed, the choice of stalker was unclear and didn’t make sense. Why would a mega-fan burn the set of the reboot?! That seems like sacrilege!

I thought the reveal in the last episode of the dress guy (the one who technically owns Donna Martin’s prom dress) as the guy who’s been setting fires was a fake-out. Apparently not.

The good thing is, if we get a second season, this could all be revealed to be the brainchild Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, so we have hope, friends. Valerie Malone will not be ignored.

Also, I was clearly wrong about Denise Richards being the stalker, although that would have been pretty great, right?! Her hook up with Ian was OK, but I feel like it was a wasted opportunity of a guest star and someone who was in the 90210 universe themselves.

Is there really a Peach Pit pop-up? What about a Bait Shop pop-up?

Not only is there one, yours truly was there last weekend. It looked very similar to how it did on the show, and I’m very grateful I got the chance to experience it, even if none of the cast was there.

As far as I know, though, there’s no OC-inspired Bait Shop pop-up in LA, yet—although if you’re looking for news on an OC reboot, you’re probably going to be disappointed. The show’s creator said it’s not likely to happen.

What was with THAT scene between Brenda and Brandon?

Friends, I have no idea, but I never want to see them hook up, ever, again. Like, ever. Some things are too sacred, like the Walsh twins.


So overall, I’d give BH90210’s first season a solid 8/10. More than a few plot points were rushed and completed without it really being obvious they were completed (the stalker, Jennie and Wyatt’s relationship, Gabrielle sort of getting back with her husband.) That all pales in comparison to the shiny, bright feeling I got watching, entirely due to the nostalgia of seeing the West Beverly gang together once more. I love Shannen Doherty’s image reinvention into a zen, non-confrontational animal rescuer, and she was one hundred percent right in her assessment that Brenda was misunderstood and Kelly was the real s*it of the group. I love that this show gave us justice for Brenda Walsh!


I think they cleverly set up an interesting path for the show to take in the second season (the pilot having to be re-shot, Jennie’s daughter being replaced along with the head writer who is also Denise Richards’ daughter) and yes, let’s not ignore the show hinting at Tori/Brian and Jason/Kelly getting together.

I’ll state this again, I very much want the show to come back and I hope Fox opts for a second season, because really, who needs Marissa Cooper back from the dead when we have Donna Martin out there living her best life?!