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9 Reasons You Should Give Fox's New Show "Breaking In" a Shot

By Dustin Rowles | TV | April 7, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | April 7, 2011 |

1. It’s a novel premise: It’s an office comedy, set in a sketchy security company, where the goal is to breach a company’s security in order to expose its flaws. This allows for a mini-heist or two in each episode. Office comedy + heists = Amusing possibilities.

2. Christian Slater: He’s had some serious bad luck with television shows, but this one is a comedy, which allows Slater to flash some of that wiseacre smarm that reminds us why we liked him so much in Heathers and Kuffs. Plus, now that Jack Nicholson is an infrequent presence in movies and television, someone’s got to carry the Nicholson voice until Jay Baruchel lands another television gig.

3. The Black Guy: He’s like the sassy black woman stereotype trapped in the body of a Dungeons and Dragons’ geek. His IQ is 161, he does a mean Chewbacca impression, and his office pranks include turning a co-worker’s car upside down and advertising his credit card number on a blimp over a sports stadium. Also, he uses “Obama!” as a snappy comeback. He steals every scene he’s in.

4. Odette Annabele: Odette Yustman got married and changed her name to Odette Annabel. She’s not a great actress, but she is very pretty. And perfectly serviceable in the role of a sexy safe cracker. Plus, where Odette Yustman is, her ass is never far behind (pun FACE).


5. Michael Rosenbaum: The former Lex Luthor, Rosenbaum now has hair and he crushes his one scene in the pilot, as the douchebag boyfriend of Odette Annabel’s character. He tucks his jeans in his Uggs! Also, I had no idea that Rosenbaum had a sense of humor.

6. Jennifer Irwin: You remember her from the spectacular “Slings and Arrows,” right? Her character name here is Creepy Carol. It is fantastically appropriate.

7. Bret Harrison: He never got his due in “Reaper” because everyone was so busy loving on Taylor Labine. Here, he’s the show’s focal point — a computer whiz who was living the life as a college student before he was recruited into the security company. He has great comedic timing,

8. Seth Gordon: “Breaking In,” comes from Seth Gordon, who directs the pilot. You may know Gordon as the director of the magnificent The King of Kong. Combine that sensibility with the writer (Adam F. Goldberg, who wrote Fanboy) and there’s plenty of comedic potential.

9. Good Energy: I like the energy of the show. It’s dorky yet clever, in a “Community” sort of way. Christian Slater calls his employees, male and female alike, “sweetheart.” There’s a sexual assault on a candy bar. There’s an “Oz” reference. And there’s sly SkyMall humor.

It’s most certainly worth revisiting to see if the show can maintain that level of energy and wit.

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