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Women You Love: Cobie, Connie, and Leo Edition

By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | February 7, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | February 7, 2011 |

Cobie Smulders, aka, Robin Sherbatsky, aka Robin Sparkles, may soon be a bona fide big-screen presence, possibly appearing as Agent Maria Hill, the sidekick to Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury. It’s typical Marvel casting: Take a likable personality with an unproven track record, give them a track record, and then replace them with someone less expensive. Will Maria Hill take us to the mall? Today!

Honestly, I like the casting choice, but I think The Avengers movie is getting way out of hand. This is what TK would call Ratnerfucking. It’s essentially tantamount to giving a sidekick a sidekick.

Please call me when movie bloggers start getting their own sidekicks.

In other news, another favorite of the small screen, Connie Britton, who is beautiful in ways that were not invented before she was born, is not only getting another show, but one that is being developed by David O. Russell, he of The Fighter and Three Kings and yelling at Lily Tomlin fame. If he yells at Connie Britton, Coach Taylor will snap him at the next. There are no details, however, about the show, except that it’ll air on F/X, a network that has a solid track record for fantastic programming, even if some of those shows are only given one season to thrive. This, I think, makes up for the cancellation of “Terriers.” Also, has Britton aged at all since “Spin City”?


And finally, I extolled the many virtues of Melissa Leo last week, but two that I left out were vanity and clingy desperation. Though she is the front-runner for the Oscar this year, Ms. Leo has taken it upon herself nevertheless to launch her own personally funded For Your Consideration campaign, complete with built-in backlash. The two ads reek of something someone with very little PR savvy might attempt, or her character from The Fighter. And while we do love her acting, it is tacky to pretend to care about your Oscar chances — let your handlers pretend to care for you, Ms. Leo.

I didn’t realize that Glamour Shots did For Your Consideration Ads.



(Via Movieline)

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