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TBS Now Scheduling Binge-Watches, Binge-Watches Officially Dead

By Genevieve Burgess | Think Pieces | January 16, 2016 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Think Pieces | January 16, 2016 |

You know when you’re a kid and you learn some hip new slang and after a few weeks your mom starts using it too, so you use it less and less and then one day that “slang” is simply “part of the language” and it’s not cool anymore? My favorite example is “24/7” which went from a rap brag, to slang, to relatively common parlance, to something State Farm uses to let you know when you can call their customer service representatives. Anyway, the binge-watch is about to do that, as TBS has scheduled a 25 hour marathon of the new Rashida Jones comedy Angie Tribeca for tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time this has been done, TBS also tends to do the 24 hours of A Christmas Story around the holidays and when FXX got the rights to The Simpsons they did an “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon that lasted for days. I’ve long believed that one could watch 24 straight hours of Law & Order or its spin-off shows using just basic cable channels, but sadly I’ve never been able to test that theory due to a funny thing I have called “a job.” But really, where binge-watching lives and dies is on with internet-based services like Netflix or people using their On-Demand options to shotgun an entire season of a show before the next season starts. Netflix tacitly encourages it, when watching Jessica Jones my companion and I noticed that the beginning and end of episodes tended to line up as though they were EXPECTING you to be sitting on the couch watching them continuously. And now, TBS is here to ruin it like your mom ruined “tight” at your 14th birthday party:

“TBS’s new sitcom Angie Tribeca actually wants you to be a bit mystified. It debuts on Sunday with an unusual, and inherently goofy, publicity stunt: a 25-hour binge-watch marathon, which will include live segments and celebrity cameos that will make the whole thing feel like a telethon of holiday weekends of yore.”


“[TBS President Kevin] Reilly admits, ‘Do I think the show needs to be or should be binged all at once? No.’ Yet the marathon isn’t about anyone brave enough to watch all 25 hours, but the stir it can create. ‘The intention is to signal this big, crazy stunt that we think shows confidence in the show and bangs the gong for the network.’”


This would be more daring if TBS had regular programming more enticing than re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, but while I think this is sort of taking a fun, kind of unhealthy, but organic phenomena and dressing it up in marketing speak and corporate lingo, it could work for them. Who knows. But if you want to see the new Angie Tribeca show, definitely tune into TBS tomorrow. Anytime should do just fine.