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If Women Who Commented on Last Night's 'Louie' Were As Sh*tty as Some Men Who Comment on HBO's 'Girls'

By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | June 17, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Think Pieces | June 17, 2014 |

Last night’s Louie ended on an uncharacteristically happy note for the title character. After a difficult break-up several episodes ago, Louie — in a way — put a bookend on “What It’s Like to be a Fat Girl” episode earlier in the season by revealing some of his own body insecurities. It was Pamela — who in effect, played the role of the stereotypical male in a relationship — who cajoled Louie into undressing and getting into the bathtub with her, a callback to an early season episode.

What was the point that Louis C.K. was trying to make? That some men are just as uncomfortable with their bodies as some women, and that we are just as vulnerable when it comes to undressing in front of a woman? That Louis is finally comfortable and secure enough with Pamela to fully reveal himself? Were we supposed to consider Louis C.K. brave for revealing a body that doesn’t fit the traditional Hollywood leading man mold?

It’s hard to say, and what I’ve had to come terms with this season is that Louie is less about proving an actual point, or lecturing us, or providing a moral, as it is in engaging its viewers in intellectual exercises, in challenging us. It’s up to us to draw our own conclusions, and the conclusion I’ve drawn from the final two episodes, and the sweet but awkward final scene, is that Louie — like any of us — just wants to be in love with someone who accepts him as he is.


  • Louis C.K. is to my vagina what the French were to the Nazis. — BornToPlay51

  • Not only is Louis C.K. ugly and fat but his constant eyeball rolling is outright obnoxious; there’s nothing “empowering” about him showing off his godawful “figure”, its tasteless and disrespectful to anyone with good vision. — Aunt Susan

  • If Louis C.K.’s character (and the accompanying narcissism, neuroses, self loathing, and lack of virtually any redeeming qualities) is representative of men, then I am proudly a misandrist. —furiousflicker

  • It was painful watching Louis’ nude scenes. I guess he was trying to send a message: Hey, it’s ok to look like a stuffed derma. I wish I could erase the vision from my memory. — Madame Buxom

  • I hate to say this, but he IS fat. He’s NOT obese, but he’s overweight for sure. He doesn’t look good without clothes on; it’s like having your eyes raped. No one wants to see that. — ladyteapot

  • The reason for everything on television, including naked fat dudes = ratings. Most women who live with a man see a fat naked dude in their house every day. — Boo-be-boo

  • I prefer my on-screen nudity to speak the same language as my vagina. Then again, I think I can speak Mandarin if I have had enough to drink. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I drink heavily when I watch Louie. — Waxed Lefty

  • Making fun of someone doesn’t always mean you’re jealous, sometimes they’re actually just really fat and ugly. Like Louis C.K. — NegativeCapability

  • Sounds like the episode was a late late term abortion. Too bad Louis C.K. wasn’t one. — Skeptical Wink

  • Louis C.K. is a gross looking, repulsive pig. He’s also not funny, and his whole shtick has run it’s course. He fucking sucks. — Sweet Dee

  • Don’t care still think he’s hot in that obtainable way. leslie xoxo

  • Wait. Wait. Wait. You think he’s hot? Have you ever been outside of Wyoming? Jesus lady, have some standards. — TiffIsSmidge

  • Two out of 10. WOULD NOT BANG. — HornyLadyParts

  • Fukkin asshole looks like a thumb. — Pink in the Stink

  • Lots of dumb young dicks watch this shit. Just last week I was in the grocery store and overheard a group of them talking about this show. Shit for brains, the lot of ‘em. — Hang Low Stink

  • This is the type of shit we get when over protective parents make kids feel like their crap is something special. This guy is intolerably dumpy and full of himself on top of it. He can pretend he’s comfortable with himself by continuing to get naked on TV, but that doesn’t change that fact that he’s a dumpy, ugly douchebag. — Douches R Us

    * (All of the above comments are actual Internet comments about Lena Dunham, reversed to apply to Louis C.K.)

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