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Robert Kirkman Honestly Answered a Question About The Walking Dead's 'Dumpster-Fire-Abortion of a Finale'

By Dustin Rowles | The Walking Dead | May 17, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | The Walking Dead | May 17, 2016 |

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has a new series coming out on Cinemax next month, the exorcism drama Outcast. I haven’t watched the screeners yet, but Joanna over on Vanity Fair has and suggests the series has some definite promise. Ahead of the series debut, Kirkman is out doing promotion, and that includes doing a Reddit AMA, where anonymous monster people ask tactless questions that most people in Robert Kirkman’s position skip over. That is, after all, the appeal of AMA’s: Celebrities and filmmakers can answer the questions they want, and ignore the ones they have no interest in answering.

That’s what makes Kirkman’s decision to answer this question so refreshing:

My question is this: what the f*ck was the Season 6 dumpster-fire-abortion of a finale? You had a perfect script already in place but instead we get a cheap ratings grab with no emotion payoff at all. This could have been TWD’s “Red Wedding” TV moment, but its all ruined. There will be no emotional impact when we find out who died come Season 7. The whole point of the scene is to witness uncensored, undivided brutality, and it serves as an eye-opening experience to the characters and the audience. Why did they throw it all away?

Second question: Who’s idea was the sh*tty Goldeneye 64 blood running down the screen after beating the cameraman to death?

Instead of ignoring the question and answering the next one, about what his favorite sandwich is (probably), Kirkman was candid in his response:

I just want to point out that a lot of what you seem to hate about the finale are your assumptions of how season 7 will start. The death will have no impact now, etc. I assure you it will. You’re welcome to be unhappy with the episode that aired. Was it a misstep? Maybe. Only time will tell.

Also, there’s a lot of assumptions about why we did what we did, “ratings grab” which also isn’t true.

That said, I love you for watching 6 seasons of the show and reading the comic. I appreciate the support up to this point and I’m sorry your unhappy. Standing by our decision doesn’t mean I think you’re immature in any way or wrong to feel the way you do. I just know how much the fanbase is treasured and respected behind the scenes so it bums me out when people make a lot of assumtions.

Scott Gimple is a great guy who EVERY FAN would love if they could get to know him. And he LOSES SLEEP trying to make the fan base happy. It may not seem that way, but it is. He loves the comic as much as the die hard fans of the comics do, he was a die hard fan of the comic before the show existed.

Hopefully you’ll like season 7 better. If not… may I recommend OUTCAST… or Game of Thrones… or The Americans… or Better Call Saul. There really is a LOT of amazing television to choose from these days. I really liked Bloodlines on Netflix. And if you like animation, RICK & MORTY is the BEST THING BEING MADE THESE DAYS.

Secondly, Scott Gimple is a huge Goldeneye fan and is angry that you called the game “sh*tty.”

After another hostile question, he also offered that the two halves of the episode — the second being the seventh season premiere — will add up to a very strong storyline and that we will “understand” why they decided to break it up.

I remain skeptical, but I did love his answer to what his favorite ice cream is:

My favorite flavor of ice cream is Negan killed Carl.

Really? I totally pegged him as a more traditional “Negan killed Glenn” kind of guy.

Source: Reddit