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You Probably Didn't Recognize the 90's Sitcom Star on 'The Leftovers' This Week

By Dustin Rowles | The Leftovers | March 2, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | The Leftovers | March 2, 2017 |

Update: Brett Butler re-appeared in the second episode of the final season of The Leftovers, as well. It turns out, she was married to the Man in the Pillar.

“Can’t you give a man a little Grace.”


I have no new theories to spin or questions to ask about last night’s terrific episode of The Leftovers, which took something of a break from the ongoing narrative to focus on Matt Jamison and his wife, Mary, who — despite being an a vegetative state — managed to get pregnant. According to Matt, she awakened from her state for a brief three-hour period, during which time they made love and she got pregnant, in spite of being infertile prior to the Departure. Others — including John Murphy — believe that Matt may have gotten very lonely one night and had sex with his wife without her consent.

Truthfully, I have no idea.

Here’s something else I had no idea about until Stacey Ritzen — former long-time Pajiba writer and current web culture editor over on Uproxx — apprised me of it. The old lady who gave Matt Jamison nearly $600 in exchange for him hitting her son with an oar and calling him “Brian” was 90’s sitcom star Brett Butler.


No fucking way! From Grace Under Fire?



She’s only 57, but she is very convincing as hard-living elderly trailer trash. I have no idea why the dude insisted on being called “Brian,” however, or why he wanted to be beat with an oar. Different strokes, I guess.

One other note on the episode: In case you aren’t familiar with it, that final song that played over a naked Matt stepping into the stockade/crucifix to repent for God knows what was Regina Spektor’s lovely, acerbic “Laughing With.”

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